Web Designing

Thirty seconds is all it takes for a viewer to like or dislike your website. If you do not want to lose your customer to your competitor, think of hiring a website design agency that pretty well knows its job. Daddy’s Code in Surat will ensure that it designs creative and responsive websites that will make viewers stay and convert them into potential customers.

Powerfull Tools

We carefully pick the best tools needed for that perfect web design that will help you get the desired results while taking care of your business needs, budget, and time constraints.

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe illustrator

  • Adobe XD

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Bootstrap


Services We Provide

At Daddy’s Code, we are heavily invested in our in-house talents and capabilities to deliver the best services for web designing and development. We provide a host of web design services for today’s most demanding clients.

UI / UX Design

Daddy’s Code is a web design agency that tries to attain a beautiful balanced harmony between the latest market trends and customer requirements to create great UI/UX designs. We, as a responsible web design company, research first on our client needs. We get a grasp of their target customers and the goals they need to achieve through their web or mobile app. Our UI/UX designs are based on user expectations. We work with our clients in every step to develop their app that is superior in UI/UX design so that it delivers genuine value for the business owners as well as the end-users. For sure, with our UI/UX designs, we help you achieve your business goals.


The most effective and popular web development technique, PSD to HTML is for converting your Photoshop file into a web-readable format. At Daddy’s Code, we undertake the PSD to HTML conversion to design robust and flexible websites for our customers. This method helps our customers to boost traffic through higher visibility. We use the PSD to HTML conversion in an efficient way to improve user experience and increase business profits for our customers. Daddy’s Code uses effective PSD to HTML conversion to make it browser compatible. Our designers and coders will ensure an error-free conversion with easy access to search engines.

Templates Design

Daddy’s Code offers fully customizable template designs for customers that help them for future transitions to new websites. With rapidly changing technology, it becomes pertinent for business owners to keep updating their websites. Here, we help them in templates design so that it can be altered easily and reused. We also help our customers to take data and images from their legacy sites and put them in our designed responsive website templates. With our template designs, it is easy to simply swap the data and images to it and get a fully functional website within a matter of a few hours. We make web designing so easy and beautiful.

Application Design

Application designing poses special challenges and you can trust Daddy’s Code to do it perfectly for you. Any mobile or web app design has to be intuitive so as to focus a viewer’s attention on it. They have to effectively communicate the action that our client needs from the viewers. Our web designers in Surat have an innate talent to design and build websites rich in visuals and context. We thoughtfully place CTAs on your website that drives users to take action through it. Transitions, motions, and navigations in our designed apps are smooth and seamless so that it provides a visual treat for the users and makes them stay on the website.

Blog Design

A blog is a perfect way to let the readers know your business prospects and interests. It helps them to understand and trust you. We help businesses build blog designs that will target the viewers and turn them into your loyal customers. Our blog design is about presenting informative content in an attractive way. We keep in mind the design aspects like visuals, navigation, and simplicity of use when creating blog designs. Daddy’s Code designs blog templates that are unique as well as innovative. Blog designs needn’t be boring; they can be simple and appealing. We assure you that the readers will connect with your products and services through our blog designs.

Web Designing Cycle