Web Application Development

Daddy’s Code is a creative web application development company based in Surat. We have a specialized team of professionals who are experts in providing customized web app development services. We deliver the best hassle-free solution to our clients within the decided time frame and budget. We mitigate web app security vulnerabilities with a holistic security strategy. We integrate web mapping in our development process as required by the client. At Daddy’s Code, we create websites that generate leads and increase viewer engagement manifold. We deliver great results through effective collaboration with our clients.

Trust Our Tools

The choice of appropriate tools is what provides essence to our website application development. We trust our team to use their best strategies, tools, and practices in order to deliver exceptionally brilliant end results.


Daddy’s Code in Surat has been quick in integrating the power-packed features of React JS to facilitate high-performance web development. React JS development provides for a vast and vibrant ecosystem with its robust component libraries, flexible state management solutions, and cross-platform solutions which our developers at Daddy’s Code have been able to harness and implement at various levels of web development. Hire our specialist React JS developer at Surat and you are assured to get a valuable web application that will have great looking user interfaces, faster web-page load speed, and SEO friendliness.


Daddy’s Code is the preferred Laravel development company in Surat that specializes in creating cost-effective projects for its clients. With the use of PHP framework Laravel, you get modern and secure real-time web applications. We dig in and make full use of our Laravel Github repositories and networks for best-quality web development. Laravel framework provides superior authorization, easy integration, better configuration, improved authentication, and easy routing configuration. At Daddy’s Code, we use the perfect Laravel framework to deliver backend systems in tune to the client’s needs. With our Laravel experts at Surat, we become the obvious choice for custom solutions.


Daddy’s Code is a partner of choice when it comes to Java application development services. We provide a single-point-of-contact operational support solution right from discovery and concept to the final release and deployment including bug-fix support and upgrades. We are the leading Java web development company in Surat that puts into practice the best specifications and patterns for a better multi-tiered application, development, and management of Java-based web applications. When you hire us, we allocate you the best Java front end developer so that you get the best benefit of our services.


Daddy’s Code in Surat, the best AngularJS development company, helps enterprises create better and faster changes for their customers. We work on AngularJS, a JavaScript-based open-source client-side web application framework that is effective and beneficial for our customers. You can hire the best Angular developer here who is capable of leveraging the maximum benefits of Angular front end technology. Counted as a reputed AngularJS web development company in Surat, Daddy’s Code offers seamless development, simplified architecture, short turnaround time, and enhanced deployment efficiency, thanks to our affable Angular developers.


Daddy’s Code is experienced in building high performing web applications and mobile apps using NodeJS as the runtime environment. NodeJS backend is used to build fast, scalable network applications that aim to create real-time websites with push capability. Daddy’s Code has established its supremacy in integrating frameworks of Node JS for mobile apps. We have a knack in getting the maximum out of the latest in Node JS frontend development technologies that helps in faster page loads and efficient user experiences. Each of our skilled Node JS app developer at Daddy’s Code Surat follows the modern agile approach in software development to provide improved and customized solution to our clients.


Daddy’s Code has delivered multitudes of projects using CodeIgniter framework development for creating full-featured web applications. Each of our CodeIgniter web developer has a skill for developing next-gen dynamic applications that provide organized structure and optimum speed. Recognized as a premium CodeIgniter development company in Surat, we provide cost-effective PHP solutions. Our CodeIgniter web developer utilizes CodeIgniter’s gains like MVC development patterns, compatibility qualities, easy configuration, rich set of libraries, simple interface, logical structure, and SEO-friendly URLs to provide you with an amazing feature-rich app.


Web Developerment Cycle

The main focus when we build web applications is its requirements. What is the purpose of building this website? What do the users want from it? We start with extensive research and then structure our development around the analysis, timeframe, budget, and conditions of complexity finally delivering results that make our customers delighted.


What problem are we solving?

The first step starts with knowing our customers better. Our core team understands the requirements and expectations so that we can incorporate them into the website development. Our expert strategists conduct a competitor analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses and provide a distinct advantage to our customers. We jot down all the analysis and recommendations to prepare a comprehensive, easy-to-read customer proposal.

Product Design

How we do it?

The design stage involves moving of information to reality through a documented site structure and visual representation. Accuracy, quality, seamless integration, budgeting to branding, we arrive at a comprehensive web development process that will help you redefine the way you do business. We make use of the best tools for web development that provide robustness, quality, security, integration, speed, scalability, and responsiveness.


How will it work?

The development team starts implementation of the project. We believe in keeping the customers updated at every step. We follow the agile methodology and hence any changes in the customer requirement will be tended to and improvised if considered feasible. We undertake multiple point-to-point tests to keep the design & development, bug-free. After all the behind-the-scenes work, we roll out the new web design through a hassle-free approach.

Quality Assurance

How great was the experience?

Quality is something that is quintessential to our business success. Quality testing takes place before the launch of the customer website. Before launch, the website is tested for responsiveness, user-friendliness, and functionality. We also offer a solid after-sales customer service and all queries are attended without fail.