YouTube “Checks” Tool For Copyright Issues

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How to check YouTube copyright for a creator video?

Worried when YouTube puts a copyright label on your video?

A small mistake and the ad revenues that you had hoped to earn now becomes zero. You are left with no other option but to delete the video, get rid of the copyright section or alter it and then again reload it. This will affect the viewer reach and impact your ad revenue.

YouTube has now rolled out a new copyright match tool for YouTube Studio named “Checks” to address the copyright issue at the time of uploading itself. The Checks tool examines the video for copyright issues and it just takes 2-3 minutes to perform a complete check.

The Content ID system helps copyright owners to find violations and block the video or divert the ad revenues to them or track viewership stats. YouTube also bans videos if it finds copyright infringements.  All these problems are now solved with the new Checks tool. 


What is the new YouTube Studio “Checks” tool?

The Checks tool of the YouTube Studio performs the check of the uploaded video for copyright infringement before it is published. If any copyright issue is found, the creator is shown details about the problem including the time period in the video which has the issue and the impact it will have on the video. The creator can now work on the contentious part, resolve the issue and upload the video again to publish it.


What does the YouTube Checks tool do?

The YouTube copyright match tool 'Checks' finds if the uploaded creator video has any section that infringes copyright. If the content in any part of the creator video matches with another rights holder, the Checks tool sends a notification to the creator about the part in which the issue is found along with the time and the impact it will have on the ad earnings.


What If The Creator Wants To Counter The Copyright Issue?

If the YouTube copyright match tool 'Checks' finds a copyright issue and the creator does not accept it, they can dispute the claim prior to publishing. The claim takes 2-3 days for processing. In the meanwhile, the creator can publish the video. If the dispute resolves in favor of the creator and the video does not use copyrighted content, the ad revenue earned during the period is paid to the creator. If the dispute is resolved in favor of the rights holder, the ad revenue is transferred to their account.


What is the benefit of YouTube Checks Tool?

The YouTube Studio Checks tool makes it easy for creators to find if their video has any copyright issues before it is published. This way, if any claim arises, the creator can correct the video and then upload it again to ensure that the video is properly monetized without any copyright claim. Also, this will help YouTube to curb piracy.

Copyright owners can still manually claim infringement if they find any issue. But at least the accidental violations can still be kept in check. The creators will not have to go through the trouble of dealing with issues regarding copyright infringement after the video has been published.


The YouTube copyright match tool 'Checks' is a great tool for creators to check copyright violations before publishing the video. This will offer them a chance to address the problem that could otherwise affect their revenue earnings and reach.

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