Video Marketing 2020- Everything You Need To Know

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Content viewing has changed drastically in the past couple of years. People prefer to watch videos than reading content. Isn’t it?

Now, 80% of internet traffic is video. They are easy to understand and engaging too. Brands have taken the clue and the results are surprising. They are having success with video marketing.   


Video Marketing Statistics

  1. 87% of consumers prefer video content from brands
  2. 85-90% of the customers are likely to purchase a product that has video representation.
  3. Videos increase conversion rates by more than 80%
  4. 78% of marketers consider video to be an important marketing strategy.
  5. 40% of the businesses plan to start YouTube video marketing.
  6. 200-300% click-through rates are achieved when a business email has a video in it.
  7. Videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined on social media
  8. People prefer authentic video even if it of low-quality over an artificial high-quality video
  9. 68% Consumers prefer short videos, 15% articles, 4% infographics,
  10. 39% want explainer videos, 20% want entertaining ‘viral’ style videos, 12% want product demo videos, 10% want video blogs, 9% want interactive videos, 6% want software tutorials.

Credits: HubSpot, Optinmonster


What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a form of content marketing. Here, a video format is used for business promotion.

Businesses have reported sales profits through video marketing. It has also helped them to transform the entire business cycle.


Importance of Video Marketing 2020

The young generation prefers to watch content rather than read it. Marketing has moved from an image reproduction of a product to motion pictures. Video content marketing has become an effective way to communicate and convey the message to customers.   


Why is video marketing so effective?

The video conversion rates outperform any other form of content marketing. Why?

  1. Effortless Engagement-Video viewing is fast and easy.  
  2. Perfect Start- For startups, videos are the perfect way to raise awareness of products/services.     
  3. Effective- You can convince viewers more easily through videos.  
  4. Clear Understanding- Videos convey information without confusion.  
  5. Personal Connection- A video helps brands to instantly connect with the audience.  
  6. Stronger Reach- Videos through paid campaigns can attract lazy buyers.
  7. For Mobile Users- It is convenient to watch product videos on mobile rather than read about it.
  8. Higher Retention Rate- People remember videos better than what they read.
  9. Appeal- Videos appeal to all age groups.  
  10. Versatile Content- You can make videos on any content or topic.


What are the advantages of Video Marketing?

People spend most of their day watching videos on their mobile. As a business, you win customers easily through video marketing.

The benefits of video marketing are-

  1. Higher Shares- Videos are instantly shared on social media. Good videos go viral in no time.
  2. Calls-to-Action- Videos compel the viewers to take action like making a purchase or seek more information about it.
  3. Rank Better than Competitors- Sharing more video content means that you have a better chance in sales than your rivals.
  4. SEO Boosting- Websites with videos boost SEO and help in higher SERP rank.
  5. Better Analysis- Analysis of your video reach and engagement helps to know your target audience and their preferences better.


How to do video marketing?

Any video marketing strategy has research, analysis and improvement with the cycle repeating itself.

1. Plan-

Decide on the purpose of your video. What would your customers like to see and what action would you want them to take? Get some references online and see what your competitors have uploaded. Prepare a set of points like-

  1. Purpose of the video
  2. Target audience & its interests
  3. Length, topic, type & budget of the video
  4. Social Media accounts on which the videos will be uploaded & the time

Your video marketing strategy should revolve around your target audience preferences.

2. Decide-

The form of video content should be entertaining, informative, educational, inspiring, or a combination of these. The preferences of your target audience and your business type will help you to decide the video format.

3. Create-

Plan it right so that video creation does not consume much time. Your videos may not be up to the mark initially. It will get better with time. If you have the budget, go in for a good video marketing agency. They will create professional-level videos for you. Otherwise, there are free tools available online.

Make videos based on the social media platform.

LinkedIn- professional

Instagram- appealing

Facebook & YouTube- engaging

TikTok- short & funny

Twitter- up to the point  

Keep the videos short and simple. 

4. Upload-

Uploading a video is easy. But SEO is an important aspect. The title, description, tags and upload timings are necessary for each social media platform. If you are on Twitter, TikTok or Instagram, hashtags are important.

Optimization plays an important role for maximum video reach. Create an impressive thumbnail and an impactful headline.

5. Share-

Be proactive and share the video on all platforms. Share it among your friends and other online communities. Create backlinks of videos from guest blogs and comments on other websites. This will increase the views of the video. 

6. Collaborate-

Other than sharing, there are methods to get increased views for your video.

Influencers- Team with social media influencers based on the target audience and budget. You will see an increase in video views.

Paid promotion- Promote your video on strategic social media platforms through paid ads. Take the help of an experienced digital marketing professional for better ROI.

Third-parties- Collaborate with third-parties to display your videos in any event or conference. Cross-promote with other same-niche vendors so that it is a win-win strategy for both.

7. Retarget-

Use videos to target customers who have already shown interest in your products. Many companies have shown increased conversion rates of over 80% through retargeting.

8. Track-

Analysis is important to see the result of your video marketing strategy. Pay attention to viewer feedback for improvisation. Your track metrics will consist of-

1. Engagement Rate

2. Play Rate

3. View Count

4. Feedback in the form of comments

5. Social Sharing


Types of video marketing for businesses:

1. Explainer video- It is about the products/services you offer. It explains to the client what value addition your business provides.

2. Live videos- Quite popular on social media, a live video requires no budget. It helps customers to be in direct contact with your brand through new launches and updates. 

3. Commercial (Ad) Videos- It is for the pure promotion of your brand that may feature a new launch, updates or the products/services. 

4. Demo Videos- It is a step-by-step instruction & information video on features, uses and how-to-use the product.

5. Company Videos- It is about the infrastructure, employees, founders, special activities, celebrations, events, recorded discussions & interviews, and the journey of the company for a personal connection with the audience. 

6. Customer Videos- The customer videos can include reviews, testimonials, and unboxing of products.


Video Marketing Tips 2020

  1. Never upload a poor quality video. It will impact brand value. Hire the video marketing services of a good company for professional-quality videos.
  2. Make short crisp videos that do not run for more than 1-2 minutes to have higher engagement rates.
  3. Videos that are informative and entertaining connect emotionally with the viewers.
  4. Use minimal text content in your video with simple and easy language.  
  5. Include a CTA at the end of the video to force the viewer to act like make a purchase or call.
  6. Insert a video on your website or the blog section for increased visibility.
  7. Repurpose the blog on your website to a video form to gain more followers.
  8. Insert video in your emails to increase click-through rates. (Tip: Use ‘video’ in the subject line of your email)
  9. An impactful thumbnail for your video will help people notice it when browsing through the list on social media platforms.
  10. The headline for your video has to be impactful and address the viewer’s problem.
  11. Go LIVE on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook for increased engagement.   


What are the popular free Video Hosting Platforms?

Many of the video hosting platforms provide live streaming services.

YouTube- Take advantage of paid promotions on YouTube, the most popular free video hosting platform in the world. Get it done from an agency that provides efficient YouTube marketing services.

Vimeo- This second largest video hosting platform hosts some of the best professional business videos. Select its premium plan to get better service.

Daily Motion- A great option for businesses that are into news, sports, music, entertainment, and fashion.

Twitch- A great live streaming platform. Businesses can host live events and new product launches.   

Wistia- A perfect video hosting platform for businesses. It helps to generate email leads or add links to websites.   

Facebook- This social media platform allows video uploading as well as live streaming free to all its users.

Instagram- Instagram, the popular social media platform has ventured from images to videos using the IGTV service.

Twitter- Even though hashtags rule Twitter, video uploading and live streaming features are also available here.

TikTok- Famous for its short-format video, TikTok is rising in popularity even though the user demographics differ.

Snapchat- Snapchat allows brands to use short-form video content that becomes inaccessible after 24 hours.

LinkedIn- Though LinkedIn supports video uploading, its LinkedIn Live video streaming is a recently introduced feature that is catching up. 

Quora- Though Quora allows video uploads, people prefer to write answers.

Pinterest- Pinterest permits only business accounts to upload videos.



Video marketing has outperformed all other forms of content marketing. It is high time that brands focus on developing video marketing strategies to get the right leads and conversions. 

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