10 Best Places to Shop in Surat Gujarat

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Surat, a city in Gujarat India is famous for diamonds and textiles. Every day, people throng the textile markets and the diamond industries in thousands to get the best business deals. Let us discuss the best places to shop in Surat here in this article. 

From the bridal lehenga to the wedding diamond sets, from the designer sarees to the kurtis, Surat has it all. To call Surat a shopper’s paradise would be an understatement. Textiles are the cheapest here and you get it in loads. Do you love diamond-studded jewelry? Surat is the place to go for it. And do not forget to fill your tummy with the yummiest Surti food. So, what are you waiting for? Let us take you on a journey to the best shopping places in Surat. 


10 Best Places To Shop In Surat:


1. Ghoddod Road

Considered the shopping area of the elite and youngsters, Ghoddod Road in Surat is bustling with shoppers throughout the day. You get good picks at Rangeela Park, Regent Mall, and Jolly Arcade. This road also has a lot of jewelry shops lined that sell beautiful gold and diamond-studded ornaments. Add this to the best shopping places list and you will not be disappointed. 


2. Dumas Road 

It will not be wrong if we say that you can spot the entire Surat young crowd here during the weekends. The Dumas Road stretch has malls lined up- VR Mall, Central, RahulRaj, Big Bazaar, and ISKON. It is worth your time to hang out with friends here and shop at leisure.  


3. Textile Market

How can we not include the textile markets in the best places to shop in Surat? Surat is famous for the innumerable textile markets dotting the main Textile Ring Road. Get inside any textile market at the start of the business hour and you will complete your shopping only in the evening when the shops close for the day. But we bet that you will not be satisfied with your shopping and you will plan your next visit soon. The textile markets in Surat are so vast and filled with the latest designs of chaniya cholis, sarees and kurtis. Bombay Market, New Bombay Market, Radhe Krishna Market, Abhinandan Market- you have many markets in the Ring Road stretch that will serve your purpose of textile shopping.


4. Adajan 

Adajan area has been steadily on the rise and it is no surprise that it is soon becoming a shopper’s delight. You have the Imperial Square Mall, Dhanmora Complex, Prime Arcade, Marvella Business Hub, Shivalik Western, Shreeji Arcade, and Sai Square Shopping Center to name a few.  


5. Chauta Bazaar, Chautapul  

One of the oldest shopping streets, Chauta Bazaar still holds relevance in today’s date. The onslaught of shopping malls has not decreased the charm of street shopping and Chauta Bazaar is ample proof of it. You get everything in the crowded lanes of Chauta Bazaar. Shop for imitation jewelry, dresses, kurtis, curtains, sarees, kitchen cutlery, rugs, upholstery, groceries- you name it and you will get it here both in quality and quantity. And yes, Chauta Bazaar is a must-include in the places to shop in Surat. 


6. Sahara Darwaja 

You are sure to get spoilt for choices here in Sahara Darwaja. From sarees to dress materials, this area has shops that sell the latest designs at affordable rates. Be ready for an explosion of color and variety. Sahara Darwaja is one of the oldest markets to shop in Surat long before the fancy malls came into existence. It is still frequented by the city folks who have struck a chord with some few trusted shops.  


7. Ravivaari Bazaar, Makaipool

This market sets up only on Sundays and you are sure to find a lot of items at the cheapest prices here. From clothes to utensils, from decorative items to shoes, this temporary market set-up has it all. A replica of the flea market, the Ravivaari Bazaar attracts people from far and wide of Surat.  


8. Janta Bazaar

This bazaar in Surat is where you get cheap electronic goods like mobiles and their accessories including a host of other routine electronic wares. The lanes here at the main city center are a delight for those who love to shop for electronics.


9. Zampa Bazaar, Bhagal Char Rasta

If you are a good fashion designer, try shopping at Zampa Bazaar for laces, borders, and all that is needed to make your saree look more beautiful at wholesale prices. Womenfolk come in droves to get the latest fashion laces for their chaniya choli and saree border. But even otherwise, include it in your best markets for shopping in Surat because you will be mesmerized by its vibrancy and beauty.     


10. Baroda Prestige, Varachha

How can your shopping be complete without imitation jewelry and accessories? Head to Baroda Prestige in Varachha and be ready to bargain for your pick. But be sure that you shop your heart full here. From the heavy bridal wedding jewelry sets to the simple designs, Baroda Prestige is your go-to destination after you have finished your saree shopping in the textile market. 


This is about the 10 best places to shop in Surat. Any person who visits Surat goes back with loads of memories (and shopping bags too) !!!

Well, we guess shopping never ends in Surat. We are sure even you would agree on this.  


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