An Android App or iOS Mobile App? Confused...

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Android mobile app or an iOS mobile app? 

Are you confused about what you want? If you have decided to put your business on the mobile or you have a solid strategy for a mobile game or an e-commerce app, be prepared to get the right start. When you decide to have a mobile app, you have two points in mind-

1. Maximum users have to download your app

2. Users should use your app more often.

When we think of the basic criterion of the success of a mobile app, it is the ‘amount of downloads of your app’. Herein begins the research for creating your mobile app.


When you want to create a mobile app, ask yourself some questions-

1. What is the location of your intended target audience?

2. How frequently are you ready to update it?

3. What kind of user experience does your mobile app need to deliver?

4. How much money are you ready to invest in your mobile app?

The answers to these questions will help you to sort out your queries regarding choosing an iOS mobile app or an Android mobile app.


Stats about Android Mobile Vs iOS Mobile Usage:

Android mobile app or iOS mobile app



  1. The above chart shows that an iOS app is more effective when your target audience is based in North America, UK, or Australia. Android mobile app is best for Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa.
  2. An iOS mobile app is better when you want to target the educated, corporate class with high disposable income.
  3. A majority of the population uses Android. The Android mobile users mostly download apps that are free and contain in-app purchases.


Android mobile app or iOS mobile app



  1. As per the above statistics, iOS users are more willing to shell out money on paid apps whereas Android users prefer free mobile apps.  
  2. If you intend to make money through app purchases, it is better to go with an iOS mobile app. 
  3. When it comes to mobile app development costs, iOS mobile app development costs you more money. An Android app is cheaper or at par with hybrid mobile app development.
  4. iOS follows stringent guidelines for mobile app approval. On the other hand, Android is easy with a simple wizard and you are done with the mobile app upload and approval. 



Go in for an iOS mobile app, if and only if, you are willing to provide value to the users that justify their investment in it. If you want more downloads and plan to make money through in-app purchases and ads, an Android mobile app should suffice. 

So what are your plans for your business? An Android mobile app or an iOS app? We will help you with it


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