Do You Know These 10 Amazing Bulk SMS Marketing Benefits?

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It is the mobile world. With the growing preference of businesses to connect with consumers in easy interactive ways, the mobile has found a place as a cost-effective means of online marketing. Text messaging or SMS is growing more powerful and is relevant to marketers and retailers.

Texting is indeed a small-scale and strategic method of marketing and is the must-have ingredient in the tools of affordable marketing strategies.

Let us see how mobile marketing or bulk SMS services have become the interaction point between consumers and brands.


10 bulk SMS marketing advantages-

1. Best engagement

SMS is a short message service and this is precisely the reason why it has a higher engagement rate than emails or calls. The messages are short and concise. Since people tend to check their mobile often, it goes without saying that text messages are read sooner or later.

The best thing about text messages is that since they are short, people just need one glance to know what the message is all about. If the text resonates with their interests, they click on the link given in the SMS or act on it.    


2. Cost-effective

When compared to other forms of marketing, sending SMS is an inexpensive available option. Also, it is a known fact by now that mobile messages have an opening rate of 98%. The market is not saturated yet and it is best if businesses take benefit from it.

Undoubtedly, SMS bulk marketing is a sustainable option and gives a high return on investment. You can send a message to many customers in a few cents.  


3. Instant message delivery

Mobile messages get delivered fast. You have the result within an instant when you send messages to thousands of people. Even if you schedule a campaign in the last hour, be assured that you can get it across to customers within minutes with the bulk SMS services. 


4. Easy opt-in/opt-out

The consumers have the advantage of easy opt-in or opt-out services. You should target customers who are interested in your products or services so that they will opt to remain in. This way, you build credibility. Even though SMS bulk marketing is cheap, avoid spamming consumers with unwanted messages or texting to people who are not interested in your business.


5. Direct to the consumer

The SMS is directly delivered to the consumer message box rather than a spam folder as in an email. One of the SMS marketing benefits is that there is no spam-filter available for the messages to be filtered and redirected to a spam folder. The consumer has to read the message before deleting it.   


6. Easy message creation

Creating messages that are of a specified length (160 characters for 1 SMS) for a cellular network is easy. You can also send images, but bulk SMS benefits text messages. With such a short text length, the message has to be precise and to-the-point. People enjoy reading text messages rather than lengthy emails or cold calls. Write your text message in such a way that people can easily understand the crux of your campaign. Simple writing makes the message easy to read and comprehend.    


7. Customize campaigns

With bulk SMS services, you can target your whole database, groups or subgroups. For instance, you can target consumers based on gender, demographics or age group and send separate text messages to them. Personalizing text messages allows you to have targeted campaigns and better the results. Consumers are more likely to click relevant ads than general ones.  


8. Promotional marketing

First-buy coupons, discount coupons on the next-purchase, offers- there are quite a few reasons you can offer coupon codes or a link to the coupon through SMS. As per a survey, by 2021, around 150 million users will have redeemed online coupons in the US. Currently, there are more than 1 billion mobile coupon users around the globe.

Consumers prefer to access rewards and discount information from a link in their SMS rather than going to the app and clicking on it.


9. Scheduling campaigns

The bulk SMS benefits include scheduling a time for your campaigns. You decide the day and hour when the messages will be sent and that is it.


10. Tracking campaign metrics

Many of the bulk SMS service platforms offer you tracking services that let you manage your SMS campaign. The tracking metrics give you information about the text messages delivered and the click-through rates apart from other valuable information that you get when you submit surveys or attachments. Monitoring these responses allows businesses to improve their campaigns.

Businesses can easily find out which SMS campaign works best for them- new arrivals, discounts, coupon codes, early-bird offers, contest alerts. The campaign tracking will help them to select the best, optimize and repeat.  



Bulk SMS marketing advantages make it the ideal tool to reach out to customers easily and cost-effectively. Have you ever tried SMS marketing as a part of your marketing strategy? If not, it is time that you start on it and see for yourself the amazing bulk SMS marketing benefits. Search for a good bulk SMS service provider while you start designing your SMS marketing campaign right away. 


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