Facebook Gaming? Are You In?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has made people look for recreation within their homes and what better way than to play online games?

YouTube and Twitch dominate in online game streaming and are the most-watched platforms. Facebook had planned to venture into this game streaming segment a long time back, from 2014, to be precise. Facebook Gaming is its intended answer to its competitors.


What is Facebook Gaming?

The Facebook Gaming platform helps game content creators or streamers to live stream games or upload prerecorded gaming videos.  

Facebook Gaming feature was launched in 2018. Known as FB.gg, this hub helped Facebook live streamers to start a live stream or find one.

Though the start was slow, the Covid-19 pandemic has helped this social media platform to gain followers in the gaming section. Another factor was the launch of Facebook Gaming on Android mobiles in April 2020 that helped them drive users to the platform from the mobile. Facebook finally managed to launch it on the Apple store, this August.

Facebook Gaming is easily accessible through an access tab on the main homepage of your Facebook mobile app. Facebook has also launched a dedicated mobile app ‘Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect’ to make it more easily accessible to gamers.


Statistics For Facebook Gaming:

  1. Facebook Gaming had an 8.5% market share in 2019 that jumped to 11% in 2020 (calculated on hours watched). As per a survey, the market share may increase to 14% by the year-end if this situation continues.
  2. The number of hours streamed on Facebook increased by 200% over this year.
  3. The number of hours watched on Facebook Gaming has increased over 300% year-by-year, until now. Even though the stats show profits for Facebook Gaming, it is considerably lagging when it compares to Google’s YouTube or Amazon’s Twitch.
  4. As per a survey, Twitch is the leader with a 68% market share and 5066.5 M hours watched in the second quarter of 2020. YouTube comes second with a market share of 20% and 1505 M hours watched while Facebook Gaming has a share of 11% with a cumulative 823 M hours watched.

Microsoft’s Mixer has collaborated with Facebook Gaming with Mixer giving its users an option to redirect to the Facebook platform. Some users may be hesitant to make the move since many of the Mixer users have originally come from the Twitch platform. There might be chances that they prefer to return back to Twitch instead of opting for a redirect to Facebook Gaming.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has intentions of building a strong creator community first to increase engagement and then gradually start the monetization process. This will help them to latch on to the existing users rather than try occasional users.

One definite way of monetization would be advertising, the other being subscription fees. This will be shared by the platform and the content creators.  


How does Facebook Gaming work?

  1. The home page consists of curated live streams and suggested streamers. Gamers can browse available games or streamers.
  2. It also has a suggested section that helps gamers to find live streams.
  3. Tournament section helps gamers to create and organize games on specific dates.
  4. Users can also search for games based on categories and play games with friends.
  5. For gamers wanting to live stream, they have to sign up and join the Facebook Gaming Creators Community to create a gaming video creator page.
  6. But if gamers have to monetize their gameplay streams, they have to meet certain eligibility criteria like having at least 100 followers on their page, streaming continuous content for at least 4 hours in a 14 day period and so on.    



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