Have You Tried The Chatbot For WhatsApp Business?

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Increased customer satisfaction is sacrosanct when it comes to any type of business. A WhatsApp business account integrated with a chatbot helps businesses to connect with their customers promptly and regularly thus being able to achieve higher levels of customer engagement and increased conversions.

Before we jump into the WhatsApp chatbot, let us know about chatbot and its benefits.    


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is basically an AI simulated computer program that is designed to interpret and process the user requests and give prompt and most-relevant answers. It can be programmed to give a voice message as well as a text message.


How does a chatbot work?

A chatbot first analyzes and identifies the intent of the user request.

To classify the user request and to send an appropriate response, it adopts three methods. This is where AI comes into play.

1. Pattern Matching

The texts are grouped and matched to pre-existing patterns through AI Markup language. When a match is found, the answer to that related pattern is sent across.

2. Natural language understanding (NLU)

The user request text is converted into structured data. The NLU algorithm follows the entity, context and expectation concepts to find an appropriate match to the user query.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The NLP first converts the text input into structured data. A set of relevant words is converted into a token. The user emotions are processed (voice). The typo errors are checked before looking for the categories of information required by the user. The bot matches the tokens with the common phrases and picks the answer when it finds the near-relevant match.

During the conversation, the user will have to pick options from the text passed across to them. This is a guided conversation and the user’s next step will determine the response. The bots that follow a predetermined rule or a structure are the rule-based chatbots. These bots can be programmed to answer queries related to delivery status, transactions, business hours and services.

The conversational chatbots or the virtual assistants use the power of predictive intelligence and sentiment analysis to understand the context of user queries and provide more personalized conversations. They mimic the human voice and help businesses deliver a customized experience.


Benefits of chatbots for your business

1. Prompt reply

In any business, it is not possible to be available to the customer 24*7 and reply to their messages instantly. But with chatbots, you can automate responses and get it delivered to the customers instantly. Also, you can be available to them 24*7.

2. Conversation starters

Bots can keep the customers engaged initially. This way you can offer recommendations and general information about your services and offers.

3. Manage customers

Businesses can manage customers during peak days or hours by automated responses without spending extra on additional manpower.

4. Directing leads

Through chatbots, you can direct the leads from customers to the relevant team for further engagement. For example in a real estate business, chatbots can identify the user queries for different projects and direct the users to respective project teams.

5. Increased conversions

By constant and instant customer engagement, chatbots help to decrease bounce rates and increase conversions.


Chatbots for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business API can be integrated with third-party tools to provide you with a WhatsApp Chatbot. Many third-party tools offer free services while some charge a monthly or annual subscription. WhatsApp provides insights to analyze the delivery of messages and user engagement.


Benefits of WhatsApp Business Chatbot

  1. The customer query can be answered 24*7.
  2. The business owner can route the customer queries to different teams to handle the conversations by integrating with a CRM. Also, they can identify repeat customers and get their interaction history. This helps them to categorize the customers as priority or regular customers.
  3. WhatsApp business chatbots can be used to send instant confirmation, alerts or reminders to customers.


The best third-party chatbot integration for WhatsApp business

  1. Messenger People

Specially designed for medium and big enterprises, Messenger People offers end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance in its message communication. It is easy to create chat texts here without knowing the basics of coding. This acts as a centralized customer message management platform for many other social media channels like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Viber including WhatsApp.

Benefits of Messenger People-

  • Save relevant information of certain user chats
  • Assign tickets through auto-route function to the right agents
  • Create preset answers easily
  • One platform for all messaging apps


  1. Drift

Drift offers free and premium chatbot services. Very beneficial for small and big enterprises alike, it has a host of features that will help you to engage customers and even book a meeting with them.

Benefits of Drift-

  • With Drift, you can automatically book meetings with your clients.
  • You can even get notification alerts on it.
  • The leads can be automatically routed to your enterprise marketing software.
  • It offers the flexibility to create multiple inboxes to manage different types of customer conversations.
  • The team members can communicate internally with each other within the conversation and this will not be visible to the user.
  • Insights are made available to help you improve your sales.  


  1. AIAgentBot

Like other chatbots, the AI Agent Bot also helps integrate AI-chatbots to your WhatsApp business account. It offers superior AI analysis to help you send personalized messages to user queries.

Benefits of AIAgentBot-

  • It offers security through message encryption
  • You can integrate this chatbot with your enterprise systems.
  • You can track and monitor messages exchanged by users and chatbots.
  • It gives omnichannel integration so that your chatbot can be simultaneously hosted on other social media channels too.



It is now easy to integrate chatbot with Whatsapp. Chatbots are essential for every business be it real estate, transportation, local services, or the hospitality sector. It will help enterprises boost their sales and engage the customers in meaningful conversations that can lead to conversions. Properly channel the possible user queries and your automated response will work wonders in converting leads into sales.

If your business needs WhatsApp chatbot integration, get in touch with us. We will help you integrate the best chatbot tool with your WhatsApp business account so that you can keep your customers queries resolved at all times.   

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