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Blog date 13-05-2021
Category : Web Application

7 Big Companies That Use Artificial Intelligence In Amazing Ways

Ever gave a thought about how YouTube decides its video recommendations for you? Or Twitter’s For You feature in the Explore section?

What about Amazon showing you relevant products to buy? How exactly do these platforms know what to recommend?

And how does the Apple Watch measure your sleep patterns? How does your mobile device recognize your face?

By now, you may be a fan of Tesla’s driverless cars. This magic is through “Artificial Intelligence” and its branches of Big Data, Deep Learning, Neural Networks & Machine Learning.


7 Big Companies That Use Artificial Intelligence In Amazing Ways-

Big companies across the globe are heavily invested in the study and application of AI. Here are some examples of companies that use Artificial Intelligence for a better customer experience.  



“Alexa, can you tell me what artificial intelligence is?”

“Alexa, is it going to rain today?”

Welcome to Amazon’s digital voice assistant Alexa! This product is one of the finest examples of how Amazon has embraced artificial intelligence and used it to enhance customer experience. Right from virtual assistant to its e-commerce website, Amazon has applied the AI concept in every possible way.

Its Amazon Go convenience store has revolutionized shopping with no waiting in line for check-outs. You simply walk into the store, add items to your basket and walk out.      

Its e-commerce shopping website has very early on adapted to the benefits of AI. It uses the data available from its shoppers to present recommendations to them. The shopper’s previous purchase history, the money spent, the products purchased, the products and the category surfed, the timings spent on each item, the product reviews, literally, every minute detail helps in analyzing what the customer wants and what their future purchases may be.

A comprehensive data analysis takes place through AI and ML to understand the customer search query. It gives them an insight into why a customer is searching for a product, what features he is looking for in it, the money he is willing to spend, and also the tile period when he may probably make the purchase.       

Amazon gives prominence to the customer’s intent or in predicting why a customer is searching for a particular item. The AI identifies the patterns in the search queries and categorizes them based on certain pre-defined parameters. All these are done to deliver relevant results and improve customer experience.

So, the next time, Amazon provides you certain recommendations for product purchases, know that there is a complex network of AI, ML and data analysis behind it to provide you assisted and personalized digital shopping experience.



Google has pioneered AI like no other IT company in the world. Don’t believe me? Start typing anything on Google Search and it gives you a host of search recommendations in the drop-down box with each alphabet you type.

Google is a quintessential stalker on your mobile. You may fret and frown that Google is spying on you everywhere, every time. But the matter of fact is that Google uses this data to develop intelligent systems through statistical analysis and pattern matching.

You may not know it, but AI is already embedded in your daily Google tools like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Search.

The best-use example of AI is in assessing the traffic through Google Maps. How does Google get it right? It uses real-time data and a complex module of time, distance and other datasets to predict the time required to reach a particular destination and traffic at a particular route at a given point of time.

And then what AI in Google Search? It provides you with suggestions in its search box. This is based on your previous search history, trending topics, your location, time, your interests and other datasets. If you get your search result by typing just 1-2 alphabets, don’t get worried. You know Google is trying to make it easy for you.

Using AI for providing video recommendations through the ‘Up Next’ feature on YouTube is just one of the ways of perfecting the feed thus improving customer experience. But did you know that AI is also used to help YouTube automatically remove objectionable content?

If you have been using Google Photos, you might have observed that Google Photos automatically categorizes the uploaded photos by face. This facial recognition feature helps users to view snaps that contain the selected face. And also, Google Photos categorizes the photos based on location too.   

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant just like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa that uses the power of speech recognition to comprehend human speech and provide answers to it automatically.

Data analysis with AI is used in Google Ads to help you with keyword research. And with Google Adsense, advertisements are shown to users who may highly be the target audience.  



We all know that many countries of the world are in the process of banning PUBG due to security concerns. Tencent, a partner of PUBG, is a famous Chinese multinational conglomerate and has its interests in gaming, entertainment, internet-related services and artificial intelligence. Tencent is also the owner of WeChat instant messenger. The slogan of Tencent is “AI in all”. This gives you an idea of how much invested, Tencent is, in AI.

Similarly, Alibaba, the Amazon of China has invested in AI to improve its e-commerce and payment services.

Baidu, the search engine in China like Google, also the fourth largest website, uses AI and ML in its intelligent virtual personal assistant (DuerOS), cloud storage service (Wangpan), an online encyclopedia (Baidu Baike), mapping service (Baidu Maps) and keyword discussion forum (Baidu Tieba). The Baidu search engine is the second largest in the world after Google and a leader in facial recognition technology.       

The trio of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (BAT) have aggressively invested in AI research and advancement.


  1. APPLE

When it comes to AI, how can we forget to give due credit to Siri who has helped make our life better? Apple’s virtual assistant device uses the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique of AI to respond to queries. The voice-activated digital assistant creates content in the spoken language so that humans can clearly get their queries answered. And with the home devices connected to Siri, the field of IoT (Internet of Things) keeps getting better day by day.   

Apple is a pioneer when it comes to using AI and Big Data on its devices and the popular among such products is the wearable device, the Apple watch. From keeping a watch on the blood oxygen level to measuring your fitness metrics, the Apple watch does it all. It can take your ECG from your wrist or help you meet your sleep goals.

The iPadOS uses handwriting recognition technology to convert the written notes on the iPad with the Apple Pencil into a typed text. Also, the iOS phone has sound recognition features to identify sirens, doorbells, barking dogs or crying babies.



With more than 500 million daily active users, 50 billion photos on Instagram, 3 billion monthly users on Facebook, you can get the insane amount of data collected by Facebook & Instagram collectively. Not surprising that Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg had to face a lot of criticism and even the US Senate for the breach of data privacy in what popularly came to be known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal.  

Facebook extensively uses Deep Learning techniques in AI to understand the content in the user images. It has developed a tool called DeepText to extract information and meaning from the user posts. The DeepFace facial recognition feature is an advanced tool to recognize faces in an image.  



Though not hugely popular like Siri or Alexa, we cannot leave behind Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana. It is the product of Microsoft’s interest in AI.

Microsoft has AI imbibed in Skype. It uses chatbots to answer queries. The chatbots are everywhere from Microsoft Office suites to Bing and Windows.

The story goes that Microsoft’s search engine Bing was far behind Google and Yahoo when their data scientist suggested building strong ML algorithms and data storage platforms to improve the user search results in Bing. By doing so, Bing’s share in the search market doubled in 5 years.  



Driverless cars! Isn’t it the ultimate when it comes to AI applications? Tesla, the tech pioneer in the world of electric vehicles, uses AI integrated chips to help cars navigate through the traffic without a driver.

Tesla uses data from its vehicles to generate data-dense maps. Machine Learning modules and edge computing in the cloud decide the next course of action. A set of complex deep neural networks using cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radar are used to assess the surrounding around the vehicle to aid unsupervised driving.

Tesla is a leader in AI-based automobile companies, but why leave out Elon Musk’s space venture SpaceX? It uses data from space exploration and with the help of AI, the rockets and the Mars rovers take independent decisions.

In 2018, a SpaceX rocket with an AI-powered robot flew into space. Its Crew dragon spacecraft uses an AI autopilot to steer it close to the International Space Station (ISS).



Did you enjoy reading about big companies that use artificial intelligence in their products? Isn’t the world of AI, ML, Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Big Data exciting? This is just the start. A revolution is waiting to happen and maybe we cannot even predict what the future holds for us in terms of Artificial Intelligence and its applications.   

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Blog date 24-04-2021
Category : Web Application

5 Best Applications Of Web Scraping For The Finance Industry

It is the big world of data! The concept of data extraction & analysis has grown by leaps and bounds and it is used by every industry to leverage its growth and profits.

The technique of extracting relevant data automatically from websites and transferring these into databases for use is called web scraping or data scraping. It is not manually possible to extract information from websites that run into several thousands of pages. This challenge is overcome by software, extensions, APIs or apps called data scrapers or web scrapers that automatically scrape data or text (numbers, to be precise) and store it in the required database.   

Web scraping services can be used by many businesses that thrive on data to keep their businesses up and running. The finance industry is one such that has recently made use of data from websites to build prediction models or actionable insights. There are several examples of companies being able to successfully implement their plan of action through the data collected through web scraping.  


Application of data scraping for the finance industry:

There are countless applications of web scraping of financial data. Let us look into a few of them.  


  1. Equity Research-

Enterprises offering equity investment services may use web scraping services to gather abundant critical data that will help equity managers to offer the best services to their clients. Market trends, investor buys, price fluctuations, investor sentiments- all these require continuous monitoring. This is made possible with the web scraping of financial data available extensively on popular investment websites.


  1. Market Prediction-

Trade & finance pundits can predict the future market sentiments by studying the previous data and collating it together to form a resourceful guide. The data scraping services in finance websites contribute immensely towards a near accurate market prediction and this helps the investment gurus to time their investments right. This also helps them to mitigate risks and carefully place their bets on the assured winners.


  1. Stock Market & Trading-

The stock market & trading is one of the best examples of applications of data scraping for the finance industry. The timing is all that it takes in stock and trading. The stock market data is something that is in much demand given the high stakes in it. But what helps the stock market investors is the historical data collection that helps them to make informed decisions at the right time. The ups and downs of the equities, the company annual reports, the revenues earned, the stock volumes exchanged in day-to-day trading- all these are obtained through data scraping services in finance and this can be done either through APIs or apps.


  1. Informed Investment Decisions-

Mutual funds, hedge funds and bonds attract investment when their managers are able to mitigate risks and maximize return on investment. Here, web scraping helps them to study the market forces, consumer behavior, volatility in the stock market, financial structuring of corporate entities, business performance, search trends and many other valuable information help them to draw insights. In the same way, the data scraping services help venture capitalists to decide the feasibility of startups. Similarly, institutional investors and institutions interested in FDIs evaluate the strength of companies by gathering information from finance websites.  


  1. Credit Ratings-

Banks and insurance companies need to assess the financial strength of borrowing entities to see if they will be able to repay the loans in the future. Here, the data scraping is useful to rate agencies based on their previous performances and earnings. The credit ratings are something that has to be evaluated from time to time and this helps not only the banks and insurance companies but also the borrowing entities to get better financial help.  


Given all the benefits of web scraping the financial data, the question that arises is from where do the investors or finance managers collect the data? The well-known sources (websites) of data scraping for the financial industry are-

  • Nasdaq Stock Market
  • Google Finance
  • Investopedia
  • Money Control
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Motley Fool Stock Advisor
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Reuters
  • Forbes
  • NSE & BSE India
  • Economic Times Market

It goes without a doubt that every business would want access to information that would help them leverage their stakes. The only criterion is choosing the right web scraping services so that data collation and analysis becomes structured, easy and fast!   



It is a given that the data scraping for the finance industry is beneficial for the country’s economic growth. It helps in getting investments from foreign institutions. It also helps the finance markets to thrive in turn benefitting the common investor. In short, there is no limit to what one can achieve with the web scraping of financial data in a market where changes occur every second!     

Get in touch with us for web scraping services.   

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Blog date 15-04-2021
Category : Products

20 Best Restaurants In Surat That You Cannot Miss By Any Chance

Fine dining, local Gujarati cuisine, cheap restaurants- Surat has it all. The city of diamonds and textiles has one more name to its credit. It is the city of food- not just ordinary food but an amalgamation of taste, history, richness, culture and LOVE!

When in Surat, one cannot miss the Gujarati thali. It may sound cliché, but we have to say this- Surat Nu Jaman Ane Kashi Nu Maran meaning one has to have food in Surat and death in Kashi if one is to attain salvation. This may sound like an exaggeration, but we believe this is genuinely true! Yes, having food in Surat is like experiencing ultimate bliss.

Gujarat state is popular for lip-smacking scrumptious food. Surat scores over the other places in Gujarat when it is a matter of food.

The areas in old Surat city like Bhagal, Nanpura, Varachha, Rander serve the best street food. From the North-East influenced Khow Suey and Rangooni paratha in Rander to the Nihari at Chaand Bhai’s in Zampa Bazaar, from the bhajias at Dumas and Chauta Bazaar to the sarasiya khajas at Bhagal from the cold cocoa at A1 to the Ghari at Nanpura, Surat is all about food, food and food! And we are not done yet, the list is endless!

Other than the street foods, Surat is also famous for local Gujarati cuisine served in restaurants. You have the fine dining restaurants in Surat that cater to people who love experimenting with food. The Gujarati thali and local cuisine like locho, khaman, farsan can be had in restaurants spread all over Surat. Then there are the mid-budget restaurants or the moderately-priced restaurants that serve great food at pocket-friendly rates and are good to be visited with family and friends.

So, without much ado, let’s get into the top 20 restaurants in Surat.


Best Restaurants in Surat For Fine Dining

First, let us see the top restaurants in Surat for fine dining. The fine-dining restaurants in Surat are quite a few and they serve delectable yummy fare to the local population as well as the travelers or visitors.


1. Wok On Fire

One of the fine dining best restaurants in Surat, Wok On Fire serves a variety of South Asian cuisine, the Chinese being the most famous. From mouth-watering Hakka noodles, Manchow soup, Crispy potato, Thai curry, momos to the brownie sizzler in desserts, Wok On Fire is a must-visit if you want to experience true fine dining. 

best restaurants Surat- Wok On Fire


Golden Square, Near Sargam Shopping Centre, Surat

Riddhi Shoppers, Pal Adajan Road, Opp Star Bazaar, Surat

Luxuria Trade Hub, Near V R Mall, Dumas Road, Surat


12 pm to 11.45 pm


Chinese, Fast Food, Asian


2. Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation in Athwa Surat serves the yummiest veg and non-veg fare. The buffet is value for money and you get a variety of both veg and non-veg dishes from starters to icecreams. The succulent kebabs, mocktails, kulfi and paan ice cream are favorites here. It is best to go here with family and friends and celebrate good days like birthdays and anniversaries. 

best restaurants Surat- Barbeque Nation


Golden Square, Parle Point Flyover, Near Sargam Shopping Centre, Athwa, Surat


12.30 pm to 2.45 pm, 7 pm to 10.45 pm


Indian, Barbeque, Asian, International, Fusion


3. Mr & Mrs Somani

The USP of the 5-star hotel, Mr & Mrs Somani, a restaurant in The Grand Bhagwati, Dumas Surat is the innovation they have tried in each dish be it their starters or the desserts. Apart from the beautiful ambiance, the staff is courteous and the service is good. Their hospitality can be gauged by the fact that they greet you at the table with wet hot scented hand napkins and an appetizing saunf drink at the end of the meal. Some of their unique dishes are the Mumtaz Mahal Falooda, Dungar Paneer, Afghani Aloo Kajur Kebab, Handi Biryani, Pesto Paneer Tikka, Sizzling Kulfi, Tomato Shorba and Paneer Angarey.

best restaurants Surat- Mr & Mrs Somani


TGB Hotel, Magdalla Dumas Road, Near Surat Airport, Surat


1 pm to 3 pm and 7 pm to 1 am


Indian, Asian


4. Black Pepper

One of the expensive restaurants of Surat, Black Pepper provides you with an exciting experience of good food and a wonderful ambiance. The Shahi Roll, Pasta Ala Florentina, Cheese Garlic Soup, Broccoli Almond Soup, Oriental Vegetable Soup, Thai Rice, Palak Kichhdi are drool-worthy lip-smacking dishes. Finally, try their Blue Heaven, Fruit Punch mocktails and the paan shot. 

best restaurants Surat- Black Pepper


International Business Center, Dumas Road, Surat


12 pm to 11.30 pm


Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian


5. Leonardo Italian Mediterranean

If you love Italian food and want to try varieties that are not available in local restaurants, then go to the Leonardo Italian Mediterranean restaurant in Surat. You can try the Lasagne, Ratatouille, Stuffed Pasta, Ravioli with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach, Leonardo Pizza, Spiedeno Ripiene, Gnocchi Genovese, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, Broccoli Soup apart from the regular pizza.  

best restaurants Surat- Leonardo Italian Mediterranean


Dumas Road, Behind Iscon Mall, Inside SpiceVilla Restaurant, Surat 


12 pm to 3 pm, 6.30 pm to 11 pm


Italian, Mexican


6. Blue Coriander

The restaurant of hotel Lords Plaza, Blue Coriander serves a beautiful buffet spread that is enjoyed by not only the people staying at the hotel but even the local Surtis. To appeal to the local population, Blue Coriander even holds food festivals. Its Kashmiri food or even the simple Gujarati thali is a must-try. They even have the non-vegetarian meal section that serves the best chicken tikka. Enjoy their lavish spread of breakfast items on a leisurely Sunday morning and you will be delighted with the taste as well as the choices.  

best restaurants Surat- Blue Coriander   


Lord’s Plaza, Delhi Gate Ring Road, Surat


12 am to 11.59 pm


Indian, Asian, Continental, American, Chinese


7. La Terranza- Rooftop Restaurant & Banquet

When it comes to the best rooftop restaurants in Surat, the La Terranza occupies the top spot. One half of the restaurant has open terrace sitting arrangements and you can get a spectacular view of the city particularly at dusk. Popular for banquet hall celebrations like birthday parties, engagement, corporate events and baby showers, this rooftop restaurant is thronged by families on Sunday evenings. The DJ parties on special events are also a hit among the local Surtis. It offers lip-smacking dishes like the soya chaap platter, paneer shanghai, vegetarian biryani, kaju paneer sabzi, tikkas, mocktails and sizzlers.

best restaurants Surat- La Terranza


Terrace Floor, Blue Ribbon Building, Next to Raghuvir Shell, Opp. VR Mall, Vesu, Surat


11.30 am to 11.30 pm


Indian, Chinese, Continental


Best Restaurants In Surat For Gujarati Thali & Local Cuisine

Many of the well-established restaurants serve local Gujarati food and the Surti thali that is not only a hit among the local population but are also frequented by visitors. After all, who can give the Surti thali or the Surti farsan a miss when in Surat?  


8. Kansar Gujarati Thali

Your eating experience is incomplete without having the Surti Thali at Kansar. One of the oldest establishments that serve good Surat Thali, the food at Kansar is simple, homely and tasty. The best thali in Surat at Kansar comes with a starter like the khaman, dhokla or idada. You have Gujarati sabzies, poori , roti and a dessert. Buttermilk is also served in the Thali. 

best restaurants Surat- Kansar Gujarati Thali


President Plaza, Ring Road, Near Old RTO Office, Surat

LP Savani Road, Trinity Business Park, Adajan  


11 am to 3 pm, 7 pm to 10.30 pm


Gujarati, Indian


9. Sasumaa Gujarati Thali

Surat is famous for its rich Gujarati food. Sasumaa is one such restaurant in Surat that serves the best Gujarati thali food. The thali consists of starter, two sabzis, puri, roti, khichdi kadi, dal rice and many other tasty dishes including one dessert. The unlimited Gujarati thali in Surat is best had in Sasumaa and the food is finger-licking good. It offers exceptional services with polite staff and good homely ambiance.

best restaurants Surat- Sasumaa Gujarati Thali


Magaldeep Complex, Near RTO Office, Opp. Vanita Vishram Ground, Ring Road, Surat


11.30 am to 3.30 pm, 7 pm to 10.30 pm




10. Jalaram Khichdi

As the name goes, Jalaram Khichdi is famous for its tasty khichdi and kadi. Apart from this, their Gujarati and Kathywadi fare is awesome. They are located in three places in Surat. The must try dishes are Puranpoli, Bhindi fry, Palak Khichdi, Lasaniya Bataka, gatta nu shak, Dal bati, Churma and mixed bhajiya. If you want to taste authentic Kathyawadi Gujarati food in Surat, there is nothing like dining in Jalaram Khichdi and savoring the yummy dishes here.  

best restaurants Surat- Jalaram Khichdi


Anmol Complex, Near Sargam Shopping Center, Parle Point, Piplod, Surat

Marvella Corridor, New VIP Road, Vesu, Bharthana, Surat

Soma Kanji Ni Wadi, Opp. Rokadiya Hanumanji Temple, Khatodara, Surat


12 pm to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm


Kathyawadi Gujarati, Indian, Chinese, South Indian


11. Jaani Farsan House

Ask anyone about the best locho in Surat and all you get is one unanimous answer- Jani Farsan House. This establishment serves locho varieties like Schezwan Locho, Butter Locho, Cheese Butter Locho and Fusion Cottage Cheese Locho. The other Gujarati farsan (savories) available here are Surti Paturi, Dhokla, Khaman, Kachori, Gathiya, Surti Petis (patties), Samosa and others.  

best restaurants Surat- Jaani Farsan House


City Light Road, Parle Point, Surat

Raj Mandir Plaza, Near G.D Goenka School, Vesu Canal Road, Surat

Magnus Shopping Complex, Althan Bhimrad Road, Surat


7.30 am to 7.30 pm


Gujarati snacks


12. Madhi Ni Khamni

Madhi Ni Khamani first established in the year 1942 is a famous farsan shop in Surat. The khamani they serve is delicious. Apart from khamani, they offer khaman, dhokla, patudi (khandvi), samosa, idhda, petis (patties), patra and sev. While their website lists only two branches in Surat, there are many shops by the name Madhi Ni Khamani spread across Surat in areas of Parvat Patia, Varachha, Vesu, Athwa Lines, Althan etc.

best restaurants Surat- Madhi Ni Khamni


Aditya Complex, Opp. Prime Arcade, Anand Mahal Road, Adajan, Surat

Mahendra Park, Opp. Essar Gas Station, Jahangirpura-Olpad Road, Jahangirpura, Surat


7 am to 7.30 pm


Gujarati farsan, Indian fast food


13. Gopal Locho & Khaman House

We bet you will not be satisfied with the food you eat once at Gopal Locho Khaman House. You will go back for more. Get to select from a scrumptious traditional Gujarati cuisine of Locho, Idhada, Patudi, Khaman, and Khamani. They even have fast food section of vadapav, burgers, sandwiches and pizzas to appeal to the younger generation.   

best restaurants Surat- Gopal Locho Khaman House


Manchharpura, Kharadi Sheri Naka, Surat

Siddhi Complex, City Light Circle, Surat


8 am to 8 pm


Gujarati cuisine


Best Budget Restaurants In Surat

The moderately priced restaurants are frequented by families and are usually jam-packed on the weekends and kids’ vacations. The festival holidays also mean that it is time to visit these budget restaurants in Surat and enjoy the meals in the company of extended family and friends.


14. The Sizzling Salsa

As the name suggests, The Sizzling Salsa restaurant in Surat serves sizzlers of all varieties. The best restaurant in Surat that serves sizzlers from Italian, Mexican to Chinese, the hot sizzle is a sight to behold. They even have good starters and mocktails. Usually, they welcome guests with a complimentary drink. And don’t forget to end your meal with their sizzling brownie!

best restaurants Surat- The Sizzling Salsa


Piplod Road, Opposite Iscon Mall, Surat


11.30 am to 3.30 pm and 7 pm to 11.30 pm


Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian


15. De Villa Garden Restro Lounge

This spacious restaurant De Villa Garden Restro Lounge has awesome seating arrangements and a landscape with huge parking space. One of the best restaurants in Surat, it is the ideal place to hold parties and get-togethers with friends and family. An added attraction is the kids’ play area and a separate cake-cutting space for birthday and anniversary celebrations. The food is good and you get good appetizers, desserts and main menu with a special mention of Karari Rumali Roti and sizzlers.  

best restaurants Surat- De Villa Garden Restro Lounge


Pal Hazira Road, L P Savani Sports Complex, Surat


6.30 pm to 11 pm


Indian- Punjabi, South Indian & Chinese


16. Mysore Cafe

One of the best restaurants in Surat famous for serving genuine yummiest South Indian cuisine, the Mysore Cafe has attracted every Surti from young to old. From the tasty Mysore Masala Dose to the idlis dipped in the rich sambhar, Mysore Cafe is the go-to place if you love South Indian food. Also taste their utthappa, medu vada and rava dose and you will come back again every day to taste their crunchy tasty dosas.

best restaurants Surat- Mysore Cafe


Daruwala Building, Athwalines, SUrat


9 am to 10 pm


South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese


17. Geetha Restaurant

In a short span, Geetha Restaurant has earned the appreciation of the Surtis and has opened branches across the city. The food quality in the restaurant is super and the rates are affordable. Its South Indian stuff like the Idli, Uttappa, Mysore Masala Dosa is drool-worthy. A must-try is their Chole Bhature and Punjab Thali. The good thing is that it is located in four locations in Surat so that it is convenient for everyone. Geetha Restaurant has maintained its standard in each location and you can verify it from the fact that it is completely packed on weekends and people don’t mind waiting in the queue to taste its food.    

best restaurants Surat- Geetha Restaurant


Udhana-Magdalla Road, Next To SD Jain School, Vesu, Surat

Silver Point, Bhatar Road, Surat

Surat International Airport, Dumas Road, Surat

India Market, Ring Road, New Textile Market, Surat


8 am to 11 pm


South Indian, Chinese, North Indian, Italian, Continental, Punjabi


18. Lake View Restaurant

A joint frequented by college students and couples, Lake View restaurant in Piplod Surat is a spacious dining space that serves delicious kebabs, sizzlers, Chinese and Punjabi food, mini Espresso coffee. People visit it due to nostalgia since it has been around for a few years and it has a good ambiance and loyal customers. This is a good budget restaurant in Surat and you will love the ambiance too!

best restaurants Surat- Lake View Restaurant


Kargil Shahid Chowk, Piplod, Surat


4 pm to 11.30 pm


Punjabi, Indian, Chinese


19. Level 5 Terrace Restro

One among the cool rooftop restaurants in Surat, Level 5 Terrace Restro has beautifully done décor and the food is great too. Couples on prior booking get to enjoy candle-light dinner sitting inside the bamboo cubicles. As far as the food is concerned, try the refreshing mocktails like Cranberry Mojito, Sunshine, Sunset Cooler, Tangy Tango and Blue Lagoon. The paneer starters are everyone’s favorite, especially the paneer flamingo and veg crispy. The matka khichdi, cheese karari, Mexcian Garden sizzler, Ghost Rider pizza, spinach pasta are other specialties here.   

best restaurants Surat- Level 5 Terrace Restro


515, Adajan Hazira Road, Royal Trade Centre, Surat


6.30 PM to 11 PM all days


Italian, Chinese, Indian, Fast Food, Cafe, Asian, Mexican


20. Drink And Drive DAD Vesu

The new Drink And Drive DAD restaurant in Vesu Surat is the current favorite restaurant of all the Surtis. The location is outdoor and is very spacious. The sittings are such that all families and couples have fun here.  A special buffet is arranged for special occasions. Live music and stage shows are also arranged. This concept has attracted Surtis and this budget restaurant is usually houseful on weekends.   

best restaurants Surat- Drink And Drive DAD Vesu


Beside Thakorji Ni Wadi, Behind C B Patel Health Club, VIP Road, Vesu, Surat


12 pm to 11 pm


Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Continental, Fast food


These are just some of the best restaurants in Surat. Try to visit these restaurants if you are a traveler or a visitor to Surat and don’t miss the famous Surat hospitality along with the delicious Surti food!

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Blog date 13-04-2021
Category : Mobile Application

All You Need To Know About The 5 Best Cross-platform Mobile Frameworks For 2021

The hybrid or the cross-platform mobile frameworks provide a great option for businesses wanting to reach a larger audience.

Cross-platform mobile app or a native mobile app? The answer lies in the features and functionality needed in the mobile app.

Native mobile apps are dedicated apps developed for that particular platform. With a native app, developers will have to write two separate codes- one for iOS and another for Android.  

Hybrid or cross-platform mobile apps are those where the same code can be used on both platforms.

The cross-platform mobile apps are developed with the support of frameworks. A software framework or a cross-platform framework is a software library that provides a fundamental structure to support the application development. It simplifies the complexities of interfacing with the device operating system.   

The cross-platform mobile apps need exceptional frameworks for their success. Let us see the best cross-platform app frameworks that will help businesses create the best app.


5 Best cross-platform app frameworks for 2021:

  1. Xamarin

Xamarin by Microsoft uses the C# code compiling, unlike other frameworks that basically use JavaScript, HTML and CSS languages. It also has the means to use libraries for Java, C++ and Objective C directly making its library assembly huge. This open-source mobile cross-platform framework is a part of the .NET platform. It has a fully developed ecosystem with Xamarin Studio, Xamarin SDK, Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Insights.   


  • The UI layer can be developed separately for both Android and iOS mobile platforms giving a native feel and look to the app.
  • The use of C# enables it to assemble native code that works best for individual platforms.
  • It follows the WORA (Write Once Run Anytime) principle. More than 95% of the code can be reused on different platforms.
  • Setting up Xamarin framework for use is easy.
  • It offers easy API integration and connects well with the hardware components without affecting the device’s performance.


  • You will need developers who will have to write separate UI layer codes for Android and iOS. They have to be well-versed with Java/Kotlin for Android and Swift/Objective-C for iOS.
  • More expensive to develop when compared to other frameworks. 
  • More suited to the app development in the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Issues with third-party library integration
  • The overhead codes do not allow smooth integration.
  • The lag in API support gives issues for game development.


  1. React Native

Facebook’s React Native framework is designed with JavaScript and ReactJS. Like in Flutter, React Native uses native components when creating a user interface in iOS or Android based on JavaScript-XML (JSX) language. It has restricted UI and native features that may require more coding from the developers. It is more suited to developers who are well-versed with Java and Swift since it comes with native modules and components.    


  • The installation is easy with the Node Packet Manager (NPM)
  • It has a live reload with one screen for code modification and the other screen for change preview thus helping developers see code changes instantly, identify bugs and correct them on the mobile device.
  • It uses ready components to build apps. This saves time as elements need not be built from scratch.
  • Code compilation makes the app creation faster when compared to native apps.
  • It supports Node JS.


  • This mobile cross-platform framework is actively evolving and this means constantly upgrading and patchwork in codes.
  • The JavaScript background may cause memory management failure.
  • The third-party integration comes with a lot of glitches and bugs.
  • Not best suited for apps that may have heavy special effects and UI transitions like game apps.


  1. Flutter

Google’s Flutter is a cross-platform open-source SDK created using Dart. While other frameworks use web views for compilation, Flutter compiles to native code thus eliminating layers between the CPU and the framework. With Flutter, developers can create flexible and interactive designs for UIs thus developing prototypes (MVP) at a faster pace.      


  • It uses Material functional widget set for Android and Cupertino for iOS to render UI components on their respective platforms.
  • It uses its own 2D rendering graphic engine Skia.
  • Since Flutter compiles to form a native code, the changes can be viewed instantly making the debugging process fast and manageable.
  • Since the compilation using the hot reload feature is fast, it is the ideal choice for MVPs.


  • Not suitable for mobile apps that require device-specific functions.
  • Enterprises must hire developers well-versed in Dart language.
  • The profile data for iOS remains incomplete and some features have minimal support.
  • The codes written using Flutter SDK are bigger when compared to native apps.


  1. Ionic

Ionic is an open-source mobile UI toolkit that allows teams to build faster and better mobile applications. Built using Apache Cordova and Angular JS, it runs swiftly both on iOS and Android platforms using web technologies. The Ionic framework layout is done using web views while it gives access to the mobile device’s specific APIs. Its rich library consisting of user interface components along with UI design aspects like image design and placement, innovative themes all make for a great PWA creation. The Ionic framework has Ionic Command Line Interface (CLI) to develop apps with TypeScript and Node JS.


  • Ionic provides a rich library of components (front-end building blocks, UI components, app icons) and plugins (access to phone features like Bluetooth, GPS and photo camera) that look and act like native elements of iOS or Android.
  • The Ionic uses a lot of Angular concepts
  • It provides full documentation with a strong developer community for support.


  • For apps that need high graphics processing like video games or 3D graphics, the Ionic framework is not suitable.
  • More security issues when compared to native apps.
  • This cross-platform framework has no hot reloading feature.


  1. PhoneGap

Also known as Apache Cordova, PhoneGap uses JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 with Cordova framework and Adobe. Its strengths are strong backend support and greater access to native APIs.


  • The Build cloud compiler compiles apps without the need for SDK installation.
  • Taps into the device hardware like camera, navigation compass through APIs without disturbing the UI features.
  • Easy computability with plugin architecture.
  • Flexible since it supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


  • Fewer pre-built usable UI widgets
  • Apps can be slower than native apps


Which is the best cross-platform mobile app framework in 2021?

The best cross-platform app framework cannot be judged by the pros and cons. It has to be rather dealt with by considering the project requirements. The app features, its functionality, budget, resources available and timeline all come into the picture when deciding the best cross-platform mobile app framework for building an app.

There is a lot of buzz around Flutter and React Native and it would be interesting to see which cross-platform mobile app framework scores the best in 2021!

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Blog date 23-03-2021
Category : Digital Marketing

YouTube “Checks” Tool For Copyright Issues

How to check YouTube copyright for a creator video?

Worried when YouTube puts a copyright label on your video?

A small mistake and the ad revenues that you had hoped to earn now becomes zero. You are left with no other option but to delete the video, get rid of the copyright section or alter it and then again reload it. This will affect the viewer reach and impact your ad revenue.

YouTube has now rolled out a new copyright match tool for YouTube Studio named “Checks” to address the copyright issue at the time of uploading itself. The Checks tool examines the video for copyright issues and it just takes 2-3 minutes to perform a complete check.

The Content ID system helps copyright owners to find violations and block the video or divert the ad revenues to them or track viewership stats. YouTube also bans videos if it finds copyright infringements.  All these problems are now solved with the new Checks tool. 


What is the new YouTube Studio “Checks” tool?

The Checks tool of the YouTube Studio performs the check of the uploaded video for copyright infringement before it is published. If any copyright issue is found, the creator is shown details about the problem including the time period in the video which has the issue and the impact it will have on the video. The creator can now work on the contentious part, resolve the issue and upload the video again to publish it.


What does the YouTube Checks tool do?

The YouTube copyright match tool 'Checks' finds if the uploaded creator video has any section that infringes copyright. If the content in any part of the creator video matches with another rights holder, the Checks tool sends a notification to the creator about the part in which the issue is found along with the time and the impact it will have on the ad earnings.


What If The Creator Wants To Counter The Copyright Issue?

If the YouTube copyright match tool 'Checks' finds a copyright issue and the creator does not accept it, they can dispute the claim prior to publishing. The claim takes 2-3 days for processing. In the meanwhile, the creator can publish the video. If the dispute resolves in favor of the creator and the video does not use copyrighted content, the ad revenue earned during the period is paid to the creator. If the dispute is resolved in favor of the rights holder, the ad revenue is transferred to their account.


What is the benefit of YouTube Checks Tool?

The YouTube Studio Checks tool makes it easy for creators to find if their video has any copyright issues before it is published. This way, if any claim arises, the creator can correct the video and then upload it again to ensure that the video is properly monetized without any copyright claim. Also, this will help YouTube to curb piracy.

Copyright owners can still manually claim infringement if they find any issue. But at least the accidental violations can still be kept in check. The creators will not have to go through the trouble of dealing with issues regarding copyright infringement after the video has been published.


The YouTube copyright match tool 'Checks' is a great tool for creators to check copyright violations before publishing the video. This will offer them a chance to address the problem that could otherwise affect their revenue earnings and reach.

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Blog date 15-03-2021
Category : Web Application

E-Commerce Trends 2021- What Can You Expect?

With people preferring to shop online, the e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace. Each and every business prioritizes customer shopping experiences and it is no surprise that the latest e-commerce trends for 2021 reflect that.

From omnichannel shopping to voice search, from customer retention to varied payment options, e-commerce will shape itself to meet the growing customer demands as well as make the shopping more seamless, easy and fast.   


Existing Customer Retention Will Be Top Priority 

The customer retention cost is cheaper than the new customer acquisition cost. The e-commerce websites are now trying to retain existing customers through discounts and offers.

Even if an e-commerce store is able to retain 5% of its customers, it increases its profits between 25-95%.

To increase direct communication with customers, advertisers are relying on cost-effective marketing techniques like bulk SMS messaging services and emails.  

What you can do to retain existing customers?

1. Find out what the customer wants to buy next-

Identify repeat customers. Study their shopping patterns. Segregate the customers based on their buying patterns and lifetime value. Predict what and when they will buy next and try decreasing the time for the next purchase.

For example, if a customer has purchased a keyboard, you can prod him to buy a mouse or pen drive or show him combo offers for keyboard and mouse.

2. Prioritize existing customers-

Earn customer loyalty through a rewards program.

  • Offer coupon codes at checkout
  • Points for purchase
  • Early access to subscribers
  • Easily redeemable reward points
  • Discounts for additional purchases
  • Limited time deals
  • Discount on immediate purchases
  • Countdown clock for offer expiry time
  • Referral programs
  • Automatic entry in sweepstakes


Voice E-Commerce On The Rise

The advent of Amazon Echo, iPhone and Google Home has brought Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant to our homes. Voice commerce is using voice recognition technology to buy products.

The e-commerce giant Amazon has integrated Alexa into its shopping site. Users can now search, select and buy products with the voice command.

With about 28% of Amercian households owning at least one smart speaker, the voice e-commerce sale is expected to grow to $40 billion by 2022.

In 2018, about 16 million people had made at least one purchase through the smart speaker and this year it is expected to touch 26 million. Voice commerce allows the users to multitask while keeping their hands free. Voice commerce is now mainly used for browsing products and recommendations.

How to make your e-commerce website voice commerce optimized?

  • Include long-tail keywords used in voice searches to improve rankings
  • Test if products on your site can be purchased with a simple voice command.
  • Hire the services of voice commerce startups to allow your e-commerce store to be voice-enabled.
  • Partner with Google Assistant or Alexa Assistant to offer personalized services to users through voice search.

Voice commerce is a trend to look out for in 2021 and the subsequent years because Amazon and Google are also researching on using regional languages in the devices for users to shop more conveniently.


Omnichannel Retail Experience

Omnichannel commerce is about providing the buyer a seamless experience when shopping from their mobiles, desktop, laptop or physical store.

The trend nowadays is that the customer gathers information about the product from his mobile device and then goes to a physical store to look at the product. The customer makes the final purchase either online or offline depending on where he gets the best offer.

Omnichannel commerce is about connecting all the channels and providing a better shopping experience to the buyer.  

The best example of omnichannel marketing is Disney. You can buy tickets online for entry into the theme park. Once you are physically present at the theme park, you can scan your pass on the Disney mobile app. This app will show you curated content like the interactive map, locating Disney characters or checking the ride timings. Thus, as a customer, you get a seamless omnichannel experience.

This omni-channel retail is followed by almost all e-commerce giants. You can order online and pick it up from your nearest physical store. When you shop online through a website, the actions are transferred to the mobile app too. Thus all the platforms are inter-connected to make for a delightful shopping experience.

Shopify Plus allows you to integrate your store to the social media platform Facebook. This allows buyers to make a purchase through Facebook reflecting that on the mobile app.

How to go ahead with omnichannel retail?

Allow shopping in all the channels like offline, online through the website, mobile app and even on social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

Blur the line between online and offline shopping by connecting the two. For instance, buyers can now check what is in stock at their nearest physical store through its mobile app. They can book these items and collect them from the physical store.

A buyer hits multiple touchpoints before making the final purchase. In short, reaching every new channel to provide a shopping feature to the buyer is not enough. You have to connect all the channels so that the buyer can shop from anywhere and it is reflected on all other channels.  


Varied Payment Options

E-commerce businesses offer payment modes like money card, digital wallet and cash on delivery. The more payment options you provide, the more customers you attract.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency saw a meteoric rise when Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla plans to buy $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and even planning to allow payment in the valuable cryptocurrency.   

But it is not only Tesla that is allowing payment in Bitcoin. Amazon’s live-streaming platform Twitch accepts Bitcoin and other select cryptocurrencies as payment options. Even Shopify, Expedia and Microsoft accept Bitcoin payment.  


Sustainability Practices

Green consumers, also known as environment-friendly consumers, are those who are careful while making a product purchase and consider the impact of carbon footprint for the manufacturing process and packaging of the product.

With green consumerism on the rise, buyers are demanding products that involve eco-friendly production processes and recycling.

How can online stores contribute to reducing their carbon footprint?

  • Reduce waste and use eco-friendly materials for packaging. Use degradable plastic where the use of it becomes inevitable.
  • Associate with products that use eco-friendly manufacturing processes or that which leave a lesser carbon footprint.
  • Source products from local retailers to lower the carbon emissions accrued during transportation.
  • Offer payback for customers who do not opt for the fast delivery of products.
  • List the product location or from where the product is shipped so that a customer can select a product from the nearest location.

E-commerce stores usually have an increased carbon footprint because they need to deliver packages from one place to another fast. Amazon plans to reach zero carbon by 2040 by opting for more environment-friendly processes in transportation and packaging of products.



Jumping into these e-commerce trends is not a feasible option for many online stores. Like integrating voice search in an online store will require money, efforts and time. Similarly, reducing the carbon footprint is not something that can be attained in one go. It needs consistent efforts and detailed planning and implementation. Allowing for Bitcoin payment poses a problem in countries where trading in cryptocurrency is still considered illegal. The best way forward is to try to adapt to emerging technologies or at least make an effort to be able to recognize some of the emerging feasible e-commerce trends of 2021 and work towards it.   

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