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Blog date 29-09-2020
Category : Web Application

Original Farmville On Facebook Is Shutting Down

Yes, Farmville is shutting down.

It is permanent closure for the most popular game on Facebook, Farmville. Come 31st December 2020 and Farmville will not be available on Facebook or the Play Store.

Why is Farmville closing?

Farmville uses the old technology Adobe Flash that will no longer be supported by browsers and Facebook.

The creator of Farmville, Zynga announced in a blog post that since Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player for all web browsers, Farmville will be directly affected by this step. Also, Facebook will stop supporting Flash games on their platform from 31st Dec 2020.

Farmville Story

Since its launch in 2009, Farmville on Facebook has captivated the game lovers’ attention due to its concept. But it wasn’t unique, to begin with. Its concept was heavily borrowed from the games Green Patch and Slashkey’s Farm Town. Zynga, Farmville’s creator had a massive user base and it used cross-promotions and ads to fuel the initial curiosity.

Six months after the game’s release it had 73 million monthly active users. By July 2011, it had reached 750 million. Farmville even partnered with Microsoft Bing, McDonald’s, and American Express including a promotion for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album.

Farmville earned good money through its in-app purchases. Its ‘Invite Friends’ feature helped it to grow its user base substantially. But it had its own shares of criticism too. Its parent company Zynga started the trend of user permission to access their data. Of course, the collected data was effectively analyzed and used to its advantage.  

What next for Farmville players?

The in-app purchases will be available until 17th Nov 2020. After this, neither payments will be accepted nor will refunds be processed. It urges the players to use any pending credits before 31st Dec 2020. It is also working on some in-game activities to make the players remaining time on Farmville memorable. Also, it is offering a Bonus Package to players who want to migrate to Farmville 2: Tropic Escape before 31st Dec 2020.

NOTE: Only Farmville will be discontinued on 31st Dec 2020. The Farmville 2: Tropic Escape, Farmville 2: Country Escape will continue both on the web browser and mobile. Also, Zynga has plans to launch Farmville 3 on the mobile soon.    

If you have a unique gaming idea, get in touch with us. We translate your ideas into immersive games using the best 2D/3D graphics, advanced technologies, clean coding and seamless integration techniques. As a reliable mobile game development company, we encourage people to share their ideas so that we can transform them into a thrilling gaming experience.  

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Blog date 21-09-2020
Category : Mobile Application

10 Top Languages For Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are everywhere today and form an integral part of our lives. From social media apps to necessary apps, from gaming apps to shopping apps, our mobiles are filled with them.

Just glance through the statistics to know why mobile apps rule the world and will continue to do in the years ahead-

For each app you see on your mobile, a lot of software goes into it to make it rich in UI/UX and functionality. Now let us know the languages for mobile application development and see what brings these apps to life.


The 10 top mobile application development languages are-

1. Java

Java is an open-source, object-oriented mobile app development language that has the core benefit of write once, run anywhere (WORA). The benefits of Java being the preferred mobile app development language are-

Multithreading- This allows for running and executing multitasks simultaneously. This increases the efficiency, response time and performance of the app.

Memory management- The Java objects are stored in a heap that can increase or decrease in size during the execution. The garbage is eliminated automatically thus making space for the entry of new objects. This increases the performance, decreases the crash chances and makes the app optimized.

Scalability- It is easy to scale the app either in depth or width when coding in Java.

Platform independent- Java codes, once written, can be used on any platform with minimal changes. This reduces coding time and increases efficiency.

Increased security- The inbuilt Java language features like cryptography, sandbox, exception handling helps in preventing threats. Also, security policies can be tweaked to individual apps thus safeguarding it against attacks.

Open-source- Java has a vast repository of resources, libraries, and online communities on the internet that will help for easy mobile app development.


2. Kotlin

Java is the official mobile app development language but other languages have tried to cover up its shortcomings. One of them is Kotlin. It is an open-source programming language that combines object-oriented and functional programming features. It offers some benefits over Java, like-

Compatibility- It is interoperable with Java and programs written in Java can be easily changed to Kotlin by adding the given tools and frameworks.

Fewer codes- With Kotlin, you require fewer codes for the same app when compared to Java due to its better data classes, type interface, properties and smart casts. This makes it easy to maintain and apply changes when needed.

Safe code- The code simplicity of Kotlin allows for fewer errors thus reducing the chances of crashes and system failures.

Faster coding- Its object declarations, parameter values and extension functions speed up the development thus reducing the coding time.

Null safety- Kotlin has null in its type system thus reducing the danger of null references from code.


3. Swift

Swift replaced Objective-C as the primary programming language for iOS applications. The benefits of using Swift for iOS app development are-

Clean syntax- The codes in Swift is compact and concise giving it a simplified view. Also, the code resembles simple English language making it more readable and easy to understand. Also, compact code means faster development and better speed.  

Easy file maintenance- With Swift, you have a single code file (.swift) instead of two as in Objective-C (header file .h and implementation file .m).

Easy bug testing- Swift generates compiler error making it easy to fix bugs while writing the code.

Open-source- Swift has good support from online communities thus making improvements on a regular basis.

Dynamic libraries- Dynamic libraries linked to an app helps in linking newer versions of the language.

Interactive coding- The Playgrounds feature helps coders to test new algorithms first by writing a chunk of code while receiving feedbacks without having to create the entire app.  

Other than these mobile app languages there are the hugely popular frameworks that are used to develop mobile apps. The most common examples of frameworks for mobile app development is Flutter, Ionic, PhoneGap, Xamarin, and Framework7.


4. HTML5

HTML5 can be used for cross-platform applications. The frameworks that use HTML5 are Apache Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap), JQuery Mobile, SproutCore and Sencha Touch. HTML5 mobile apps are cheaper and easier to build.


5. XML

XML is used as a frontend markup language to define the appearance of the app and for parsing data either from the database or server to the Android app. 


6. CSS3

The framework like PhoneGap and Cordova uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS language to create mobile apps. HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript are basically used for designing the mobile app user-interface. 


7. C#

C# is an object-oriented, functional and component-oriented programming language. It works best for simple mobile application development. When hardware-specific native features are required, then Java from Android and Objective-C for iOS is required. Xamarin framework uses C# language and is great for cross-platform mobile apps. C# is reliable, easy to adopt with powerful features. It is also best for game development. The cross-platform game engine, Unity uses C# as the scripting API.


8. C++

C++ is used where close interaction with the hardware is required like in mobile gaming development, signal processing and simulations. NDK toolset is required to enable the development of apps in Android using C++. But using the NDK tool has disadvantages like compatibility issues, hard debugging and decreased flexibility. 


9. Java Script

Ionic, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, NativeScript, Apache Cordova, Node.js are some of the popular frameworks that have JavaScript in them. The basic client-side functions can be operated by this scripting language. The JavaScript frameworks can be used across a number of platforms. Node.js framework does not limit the JavaScript to the front end only and is used even in the server-side implementations.  


10. Dart

The Dart, a typed object programming language was developed by Google in October 2011. The Flutter UI framework uses Dart programming language. We can say that Dart has become known because of Flutter’s popularity. Google has documented it extensively, but the online support from communities is limited.  



Mobile app development is easy now thanks to the countless frameworks and toolkits available. Selecting a framework depends on your expertise, the client requirement and the use of advanced technologies.

Daddys Code is the best mobile development agency that ensures designing and developing a good product based on customer requirements. Our mobile app development service is reliable, affordable and efficient. If you want a good mobile app, contact us and we will ensure that you get a best responsive, fully-functional mobile app that has the best user interface.  

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Blog date 14-09-2020
Category : Digital Marketing

12 Awesome Ideas To Use YouTube For Business Marketing

When people think of a popular online video site, YouTube is the first name that runs on their minds. Why not? YouTube today is a must for businesses who want to promote their products and services. There are ways and means to use YouTube for business marketing. 

YouTube started in the year April 2005. Its first video was that of its co-founder Jawed Karim titled ‘Me at the Zoo’. Its first video to get 1 million views was a Nike advertisement. It was a clip of soccer player Ronaldinho receiving his Golden Boots.

Today, the total number of YouTube monthly active users stands at 2 billion. Every day people watch over a billion hours of videos. YouTube has changed the video viewing history forever.

Well, undoubtedly, it is the second-largest search engine in the world. It is the most visited website with reference to organic traffic both in the US and the world.

YouTube has to be one of the prime promotional mediums of your brand for advertising. The benefits of using YouTube for business are many. It offers so many advantages to communicate with new and existing customers.

Small businesses usually use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to boost their branding. But with visual content appealing to the younger generation, YouTube has become a more influential platform than ever.

Creating and posting videos is a great way to boost your brand visibility on YouTube. But, how do you generate leads on YouTube?

Here, we have listed 12 tips to use YouTube for business marketing-


1. Create an effective YouTube business channel

Create your own business channel on YouTube. Keep your YouTube business account different from your personal account.

Fill in the profile and channel description in the best way. Describe in brief about your brand.

Upload the profile picture and channel art that best describes your brand. You can use the Canva tool to create channel art.

Add your website link and other social media network links here.


2. Channel trailer

Create an impressive short & crisp video of what your business provides or an introductory video.

Cover all the important aspects like USP, products/services and complete it with the contact details. Upload this to YouTube.

Make this video as the channel trailer for all the new and unsubscribed visitors to your channel.


3. Create small videos of your products 

Now, it is time to start with your official brand promotion.

Create short videos of your brand services or products.

There are many tools available on the internet to edit and create videos. You can use the free or the paid versions.

The result is better if you get it done from a professional video editing company. The video will attract an audience because of its quality.


4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO while uploading video helps you to reach the right audience. 

YouTube SEO involves filling the right description, title, and tags. Do not skip this step at any cost or do not keep it incomplete. 

Select a suitable title keeping the most searched keyword in mind. Write a description with the most relevant keywords in it.

The most searched keywords can be got from the YouTube search filter itself.

Your video will appear in the Google Search Engine Page Rankings if it is properly optimized.

You increase the authority of your website when you use YouTube for your business marketing strategy. Get the services of a good SEO company to help you get increased video reach on YouTube. 


5. Upload videos that resonate with your brand

Create videos that will have value to the customers.

Some ideas of videos are- 

  1. Short tutorials about how to use your product.

  2. Advantage of your services.

  3. Testimonial videos

  4. Videos on trending topics if they resonate with your brand

  5. Product unboxing videos by customers

  6. Product review videos by customers 

Research what kind of videos are uploaded by your competitors. Try formatting the video as per the latest trends.  


6. Live stream          

Reaching audiences got better with the live streaming feature of YouTube.

Before you can live stream any event, you have to get your account verified. If you are enabling live streaming for the first time, it may take up to 24 hours.

There are various benefits of live streaming. You can live stream a product launch, a news conference, product or service promotion, live announcement, online tutorials, live chats or question & answer sessions.

Social connections and interactions during the live event are valuable.

Spread the word about your live stream process well in advance so that you get a considerable audience when it starts.

Promote the live-streamed video archive for those who aren’t able to tune in live. 


7. Engage with your followers

At the end of every video, request the viewers to like and share it. Encourage them to add comments. 

Many of the YouTubers make this special request usually just after the introduction before starting the topic and also at the last of the video.

This request gets in many followers to your channel. By doing this, your followers get a notification whenever you upload new videos.

Asking people to comment and react is a good way of getting increased engagement. In addition, you get suggestions and ideas for the next content.

The more the number of shares, comments and likes, the higher chances you have of your video going viral or showing on the ‘suggested videos’ on YouTube.


8. Share the videos on other social media platforms

Share the video links on all your social media platforms as soon as you upload it. 

The YouTube algorithm sees how fast a video gets views, backlinks and shares. A faster engagement rate means that you have created a valuable content and the audiences are liking it. The algorithm thus automatically places your video in the front page of YouTube. 


9. Call-to-Action

What is your aim of creating videos?

If it is to get more views, include several call-to-actions (CTAs) in your video.

You can do it in two ways. One is by adding cards and the other is end screens.

You can add poll cards, link cards, channel cards, donation cards or video cards to your video.

End screen is used at the end of the video to point viewers to other videos or channels. It is also used to call viewers to subscribe to your channel. Another important use is to promote your website.


10. Paid Promotions for Brand Advertising

You can promote your product on YouTube using TrueView video ads.

There are quite a few formats for advertising on YouTube. Your video campaign may be TrueView In-Stream (video discovery ads and in-stream ads), Preroll or the Bumper type. 

These are the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. You can set up the amount you are willing to pay for each click also called the maximum CPV (cost per view).

Target your ads by selecting the right demographics, interests and keywords. Have 2 or more campaigns with different approaches to get more effective results.

Analyze the campaign by looking into the ad insights and tweak it to get better performing ads. 

Paid promotion works best for gaining initial traction and increasing the follower count.  It is worth each penny when you hire the services of a good digital marketing agency that will help you in paid promotions. Once you get adequate followers, keep uploading good content videos to retain them and to keep adding new followers. 


11. Influencer marketing for YouTube

Influencer marketing is on every social media platform and YouTube is not far behind. Influencers help in extending the reach of your videos and to get you more followers.

Identify influencers whose area of expertise resonates with your product. Suggest a few concepts to include your brand in their video. 

Do not make the video too promotional. Instead, let the influencer focus on how the product makes their life better.

There are different ways to run the influencer marketing campaign.

  1. One is to collaborate with a YouTube star or celebrity and ask them to recommend your product.
  2. In the ‘unboxing video’, a person will unpack your newly launched product and talk about its features and uses.
  3. One more method is to post a tutorial or demonstration video of your product by a YouTuber.
  4. You can also make a creative campaign featuring a celebrity. Integrate your product into it.
  5. Vlogging is an interesting concept today. Here, a person discusses on camera something that interests them. You can get the famous vloggers on YouTube to talk about your product.     


12. Making good use of Analytics

The Analytics section is the life of every YouTuber. This section gives you the required insights that will help you track the video performance and decide what works and what does not. Insights/Analytics is a powerful tool to get your advertising fundamentals right.

You even get the real-time report about the number of views, the average view duration, demographics to the devices and traffic locations. Study this to better your marketing strategy.

If you have paid promotion campaigns, then check out the dashboard and tweak your advertising campaign to get better results based on the analytics provided.  



Marketing is not just the focus on your product and its features. It is promoting the brand through the eyes of the users.

The social media platforms have evolved as powerful mediums to raise brand awareness. If harnessed in the right way, YouTube can help you to reach a global audience.

Focus on all the important aspects we have covered here on how to use YouTube to market your business. Improvise each time and keep yourself updated.

For consistent planning and results, contact a good social media agency that will help you in YouTube promotions. 


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Blog date 26-08-2020
Category : Mobile Application

Facebook Gaming? Are You In?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made people look for recreation within their homes and what better way than to play online games?

YouTube and Twitch dominate in online game streaming and are the most-watched platforms. Facebook had planned to venture into this game streaming segment a long time back, from 2014, to be precise. Facebook Gaming is its intended answer to its competitors.


What is Facebook Gaming?

The Facebook Gaming platform helps game content creators or streamers to live stream games or upload prerecorded gaming videos.  

Facebook Gaming feature was launched in 2018. Known as FB.gg, this hub helped Facebook live streamers to start a live stream or find one.

Though the start was slow, the Covid-19 pandemic has helped this social media platform to gain followers in the gaming section. Another factor was the launch of Facebook Gaming on Android mobiles in April 2020 that helped them drive users to the platform from the mobile. Facebook finally managed to launch it on the Apple store, this August.

Facebook Gaming is easily accessible through an access tab on the main homepage of your Facebook mobile app. Facebook has also launched a dedicated mobile app ‘Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect’ to make it more easily accessible to gamers.


Statistics For Facebook Gaming:

  1. Facebook Gaming had an 8.5% market share in 2019 that jumped to 11% in 2020 (calculated on hours watched). As per a survey, the market share may increase to 14% by the year-end if this situation continues.
  2. The number of hours streamed on Facebook increased by 200% over this year.
  3. The number of hours watched on Facebook Gaming has increased over 300% year-by-year, until now. Even though the stats show profits for Facebook Gaming, it is considerably lagging when it compares to Google’s YouTube or Amazon’s Twitch.
  4. As per a survey, Twitch is the leader with a 68% market share and 5066.5 M hours watched in the second quarter of 2020. YouTube comes second with a market share of 20% and 1505 M hours watched while Facebook Gaming has a share of 11% with a cumulative 823 M hours watched.

Microsoft’s Mixer has collaborated with Facebook Gaming with Mixer giving its users an option to redirect to the Facebook platform. Some users may be hesitant to make the move since many of the Mixer users have originally come from the Twitch platform. There might be chances that they prefer to return back to Twitch instead of opting for a redirect to Facebook Gaming.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has intentions of building a strong creator community first to increase engagement and then gradually start the monetization process. This will help them to latch on to the existing users rather than try occasional users.

One definite way of monetization would be advertising, the other being subscription fees. This will be shared by the platform and the content creators.  


How does Facebook Gaming work?

  1. The home page consists of curated live streams and suggested streamers. Gamers can browse available games or streamers.
  2. It also has a suggested section that helps gamers to find live streams.
  3. Tournament section helps gamers to create and organize games on specific dates.
  4. Users can also search for games based on categories and play games with friends.
  5. For gamers wanting to live stream, they have to sign up and join the Facebook Gaming Creators Community to create a gaming video creator page.
  6. But if gamers have to monetize their gameplay streams, they have to meet certain eligibility criteria like having at least 100 followers on their page, streaming continuous content for at least 4 hours in a 14 day period and so on.    



The gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds and it is sunshine time for gaming content creators to make profits. If you have a great gaming idea in mind, do not hesitate to speak to us. We are the best creative mobile game development agency and we will help you to put your ideas into action.


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Blog date 29-07-2020
Category : Digital Marketing

How To Get Followers On Instagram Free & Fast ?

Without a doubt, Instagram is a great tool to increase your brand reach. This creative visual app helps you to put across your products and services to people across the globe in a creative way to gain followers. In this blog, we will tell you how to get fast and free followers on Instagram. 

Instagram has steadily grown since its inception and is used by millions all over.

Instagram Statistics:

1. Instagram is a great social media platform and has over 1 billion monthly active users.

2. There are 500 million daily active users on Instagram Stories.

3. The USA has the most number of Instagram users worldwide at 130 million and India ranks second with 100 million Instagram users. 

4. 34% of the global Instagram users are aged between 25-34 years. The age group of 18-24 comes a close second at 30%. 

5. More than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. 

6. 60% of people discover new products through Instagram.

Instagram also has the option of creating a separate business account. This is to increase your branding. Optimize your Instagram business account to get more followers. If you are worried about how to get more free followers on Instagram, read these below points carefully. 

25 top tips on how to get more followers on Instagram fast:

Before we start with the tips, remember, if you are on Instagram just to get more followers and be a famous influencer, this is not going to work. Be on Instagram to provide value-content to the users. Are you different from the rest? Is there any unique USP that will help the users? 

But we are not here to demotivate you. Try and test being on Instagram. Sometimes, you start getting traction after 2-3 months of inaction. Let us help you to make a good start and the rest depends on how creative you are and how different you present your product to the users. 


1. Profile Optimization

The basic to any social media account getting more followers is the profile optimization. On the Instagram bio, add your website link, contact number and description. For local advertising, be sure to add the location address. Research the brand-related keywords and include 1-2 most important when writing the bio description. 

Adding emojis also attracts new followers. Keep the bio simple and attractive. Let it be your unique identity. Do not copy your competitors.  


2. Eye-catching posts

Instagram is all about visually appealing value-providing posts. It is the quality of posts that helps you retain your followers. So, analyze and study before you start creating posts. 

Edit the photo for color coordination and filter before uploading it on Instagram. Remember, no hazy or dull photos or the ones that are not of good quality. 

If you are searching for some good-quality images from the internet, we suggest you to look into these sites-






Don’t overcrowd your image with texts. You can always write about what you want in the description or comment section.


3. Creativity counts

The people on Instagram love unique and creative posts. Add in the best snaps to pitch your products. Videos and GIF images also add to your creative posts. 

Remember, your posts help you in increasing follower reach. You may seek external third-party tools or resources to get initial traction. But there is no way out other than to be creative if you are to retain your followers. 


4. Hire a good graphic designer

If you are not good at photography, hire a professional for it. We are telling you, it will be worth the cost. 

Pay for a series of photoshoots for your product or services. Hire professional graphic designers to create banners and graphics that bring out the USP of your products.


5. Follow a Theme

If you want increased followers, try uploading posts with a theme. Many popular themes attract people to your Instagram profile and makes them follow you. 

Tile theme- Alternate between photos and quotes or alternate between photos and your work

how to get more followers on Instagram?

Border theme- You can select black, white or any colored border or even frames for all the posts.

Row theme- Here, each row tells a different story. It can be a row of photos and another row of quotes or another row of heading and so on. 

Filter theme- Use the same filter for all the photos

Dark theme- The photos are either dark or the background is dark

Mono theme- Here, you show the same object but in different creative ways. You can also focus on a single-colored post every time.  

Background theme- You can keep a similar background for all the photos. It can be white or some light-colored background.

Puzzle theme- A group of photos come together to form a big picture.

how to get more followers on Instagram?

These are just some of the theme ideas put out here. The fact is, Instagram gives you scope to be creative and this is what attracts audiences. 


6. Free Instagram tools

Instagram offers free tools like Layout and Boomerang to give more effect to your photos and videos. Likewise, there are many special filters provided on Stories. 

These tools help you to generate audience engagement. Also, this adds creativity and is preferred than the routine simple posts.


7. # hashtags and @ tags

Hashtags and tags are important advertising tools on Instagram. The maximum limit of hashtags is 30 on Instagram. You can use all the 30 or limit yourself to using appropriate 10-15 hashtags.

While selecting hashtags, Instagram itself gives you recommendations about the most used hashtags. Click on the suggested hashtags to see how it is used.

Always prepare a list of hashtags before you post. Do not do it at the last minute or at the time of posting. Devote at least half an hour to search for the best hashtags. 

Some of the popular Instagram hashtag generators for your posts are:






Remember, a well-thought-out strategy of hashtags means that you have better chances of increased reach. 


8. Do not ignore descriptions

You might have all the focus on the image, but descriptions cannot be ignored. If photos get you followers, a good description engages them and makes them your loyal followers. Here are some tips while writing descriptions-

  1. Be careful of spelling and grammar
  2. Use emojis only where it makes sense
  3. Write detailed descriptions
  4. Encourage people to comment 
  5. Tag people related to the topic
  6. Always end with a CTA like comment or tag.

For some categories of services or products, only an image will not help the viewers. Here, a detailed description will help viewers better. 


9. Comments and Tags

Comments and tags work both ways, in your post and on other posts.

Write catchy captions on images and descriptions that will compel the audience to comment on your posts. Tag people who might be interested in your posts. They will like or comment on the post thus increasing engagement.  

Likewise, if you comment on other posts, they will follow you back and comment when you post something on your profile.


10. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories connect your followers to the brand better than the posts. Though late, many popular brands have understood its importance now. Instagram Stories appear as circles at the top before the post feed. 

The Instagram Stories stickers include questions, location, time, polls, competitions, mood meter, texts and many more. The Stories sticker list is growing day-by-day. So, use it fully to engage your audience. 

It also allows you the Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind, Type and Hands-Free feature. This is to add some fun to your Instagram marketing.


11. Instagram Live

Live streaming helps you to connect with your audiences better.

Just like other Live feeds, Instagram also has live streaming that allows you to interact with your audience in real-time. You can use the live feed to keep the viewers updated through live product launches, unboxing, important announcements and so on. The Instagram live stories are posted for 24 hours just like the story.  

You can hire influencers to help you with Instagram Live. Make enough noise about your live telecast beforehand because it will help you get more audience. Also, the more the comments or queries during the live streaming, the better your chances of connecting with the customers. 


12. Instagram IGTV

how to get more followers on Instagram?

Videos can act as a great engagement tool many-a-times and are more effective than photos. 

Instagram TV (IGTV) is another feature that allows users to post longer videos on Instagram. This tool shows up when you want to upload videos on your feed. IGTV is also available as a stand-alone app on the store and helps to watch videos on portrait mode or the long vertical videos.  

Create a video of your profile, products, its benefits, its uses and everything. Do not forget to include your contact address and number. In the end, include a CTA (Call To Action) linking back to a landing page- either the product page or your website homepage. Always get your business and promotional videos done by the finest graphic design agency so that the result is a high-quality professional video that fetches likes and followers.   

All the IGTV videos appear on your post feed. Your followers can also watch all your IGTV video uploads by clicking on the IGTV icon that appears between the grid icon and tagged icon on your profile. 


13. Instagram Reels

With the popularity of Tik Tok soaring high, Facebook has already devised a similar video creation tool called Reels on Instagram. Users can upload 15 seconds videos and it has options like speed, special effects and audio similar to Tik Tok. Reels is another feature of Instagram and right now, it is not available as a stand-alone app. 


14. Instagram Highlights

Posts on Instagram Stories remain for just 24 hours. If you want to archive your stories and make it visible on your profile for your followers even after 24 hours, it is possible with the Highlights. When posting on Instagram Stories, it gives you an option to add it to Highlights. You can create as many Highlight topics as you want and each topic can contain 100 photos or videos. Instagram Highlights can be utilized to showcase categories of products that you sell or provide a library for new visitors to view shared content. 

In short, Highlights help you to connect, engage and increase your followers on Instagram. 


15. Instagram Repost

Reposting snaps by your followers who have tagged your brand is a very good technique to improve your credibility and trust among your followers on Instagram. 

The people out there connect to your services and products through other customer reviews. This, in turn, increases their brand affinity and is a profit for you in the long run.


16. Instagram Shopping

The Instagram Shopping feature helps businesses list their products with the price. There is a CTA button ‘View on Website’ to help you take interested viewers to that product page on your website.

how to get more followers on Instagram?

The products on the Shopping list can be tagged on individual posts as shown in the image above. It appears as white spots first and then displays the product name and price later on the post with a clickable link of ‘View Products’ on the left bottom of the post.


17. Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads is a standalone messaging app. You can share photos, videos and messages to your close friends. This Instagram Threads is only for the Close Friends list that you have created on Instagram. Using this tool, you can share it with everyone on the list, a sub-list or a person on the close friends’ list. This feature or app can be used to target your select list of followers or influencers. You can also use it to target people based on gender, age, preferences or location.   


18. Post  Contests And Offers

Contests and offers through collaboration form an integral part of brand promotion.

The best instance of collaboration is to run a contest and tell the participants to like the collaborator’s page. Also, the condition would be to ask them to tag 3-5 of their friends. Your contest collaborator can run a contest in the same way. By this, their followers will start following your brand too. Thus, you mutually gain each other’s followers. This increases your brand reach on Instagram.

Similarly, posts on offers attract more followers. Use the right hashtag while promoting offers. You will see increased traction on your profile.  

19. Link in Bio

Since Instagram does not allow to add a link in the description, brands use the famous words ‘Link in the bio’ when advertising on Instagram. The link remains there on the bio until another post that requires a different link. 

When you have a paid campaign or a simple post for a product launch, make that product page as your landing page. Change the link in the bio to that product page and not to the home page. 


20. Ads on Instagram

Paid promotions can be direct through Instagram or indirectly through influencer marketing. 

The direct paid promotions on Instagram is through photo ads, video ads, carousel ads or stories ads.

In fact, brands now actively use paid promotions to reach a wider audience. Also, paid ad helps at faster brand targeting.  

You can target location, demographics, interests, behaviors, custom audiences, lookalike audiences or even choose automated targeting through Instagram paid promotions.

Instagram ads are costlier than Twitter or Facebook. But Instagram gives you more leads depending on your target audience.

Users can now turn their existing popular post into an ad using the ‘Promote’ button.

Brands can also use retargeting campaigns to reach audiences. It turns out to be more cheap and effective than the regular new campaigns. 

If you are confused about running ads on Instagram, you can hire the services of a social media marketing agency to help you.


21. Schedule posts

You get increased followers on Instagram if you post consistently. The best tactic would be to schedule your posts for the week so that you get content clarity and a proper plan to post. 

Here is the list of tools that will help you to schedule your posts on Instagram-

Facebook creator studio

Social report

Sprout social





There are other good Instagram post schedulers like tailwind, jarvee, sendible, and sked social. The plus point of post scheduling is that you can focus on the increase in post reach instead of thinking about what to post everyday.  


22. Instagram Insights analysis

Instagram post Insights help you to measure the post reach. For business accounts, the bar chart image just below the Archive in your account profile page is the Insights button. The Insights page will have details based on content, activity and audience.

Content- This gives a general overview of the posts & stories for the week. It tells about the view count for each post and story.

Activity- This tells the Discovery, Reach, Impressions, Interactions and Profile Visits for the current week and compares it with the previous week’s results. 

Audience- This section tells about our profile growth, top locations of visitors (cities & countries), gender, age group and the days and hours when our profile is visited the most.  

Instagram, naturally, provides insights on your paid promotions. Analyze which post performed well. Observe the days and timings when the posts attract maximum attention. A careful analysis of the insights will help you in your post creation and uploading. An SEO expert will also guide you with the insights and analysis to get a better brand reach.    


23. Posts & Stories frequency

A great way to keep gaining followers is to be consistent in posts. There is no golden rule or a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the number of posts or stories per day. Because, if your posts have no value-driven content, your followers are not going to like it even if you keep posting 4-5 per day. 

Some of the categories may have value-content and create 4-5 posts in a day. Some categories may not get content to create even a single post in a day. So, we would advise that 2-3 posts in a week will also do provided they offer value to your followers. You can try to post Stories on other days.   


24. Time allotment & sharing

Being consistent and active on Instagram helps you to get fast and free followers on Instagram. Follow other related-profiles. Comment on their posts. Allot at least 20-30 minutes of a day to this task. This will help you to build a strong Instagram profile.

Interaction on various social media is the best way to grow on Instagram. As soon as you post on Instagram, share its link on other social media accounts or share it with your friends and groups. Remember, the higher the engagement within the first hour of posting, the higher the chances of your post getting more impressions. So try to gather as many comments and likes in the first few hours of posting. 


25. Hire digital marketing services

A good digital marketing agency will help you refine your profile and make it look neat and clean. 

They have tried and tested techniques to gain real followers for your profile on Instagram. You can hire their social media marketing services so that you can remain tension-free of what to post and when to post on Instagram. A good digital marketing service provider will bring the much-needed traction and consistency on your Instagram profile which you may not be able to achieve.



We have listed all the 25 super important tips to gain followers on Instagram free and fast. If you follow these tips consistently, you will start getting results in a few months.  

If you are still having difficulty in increasing the follower count on Instagram, we can help you.



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Blog date 23-07-2020
Category : Mobile Application

Features & Benefits Of e-Learning Apps- Easy Read

Education has long moved from the four-walled classroom to the virtual classroom concept. It is the world of online learning now and there are hundreds of popular online learning platforms that offer courses better than what is being taught in physical classrooms.

Education apps or online learning apps have numerous benefits and are subscribed by millions of students across the world. What are the benefits of edtech apps? What are the features of an e-learning app if you are to design one? Let us have a look at it here.  


What is education app?

An education app is an integrated set of interactive tools and resources to support and improvise education delivery and management. This e-learning platform can be used by students, teachers, colleges, individuals or institutions to teach or learn. The e-learning platform may be mobile-based, web-based or both.

An e-learning platform combines content management system (CMS), learning management system (LMS), student information management system (SIMS) and other strategies to combine and form an edtech/e-learning/online learning app.   

Google Classroom, Moodle, Zoom Education, Kahoot, Photomath, Haiku Learning, etc are collaborative educational platforms that can be used to improve your education delivery and management. They do not provide any course or learning material. They offer tools and resources to help improve your learning or teaching methods.  

On the other hand, Coursera, Byju’s, Udemy, edX, Alison, Unacademy, etc are online learning platforms that offer massive open online courses some free, some paid.


What is the best learning app?

Many popular online e-learning apps like Byju’s, Unacademy, Coursera and others offer varied courses. The best learning app would be based on your interests and the topics that you need to learn. Many edtech apps have unique learning courses with superior course material that is easy to understand and learn.

If you want an e-learning app like Unacademy, Byju’s or Coursera, you can get it designed from an expert mobile app development company. Certain features will make your edtech app the best, let us see what those are and the e-learning app benefits.


e-Learning App Features

1. Online signup/admission

The first point of contact between the student and the LMS (learning management system) is the signup and the subsequent course admission. The sign up can be through a mobile number, email or Google or other social media accounts.

After the course selection and the fee payment, the students are directed into their profile dashboard where they can manage their profiles and access the course materials, join chat forums, contact teachers and so on.

The un-enrolling from the course, after completion, would be an email with a certificate attachment.  


2. Payment gateway

Online payment facilitates students to pay using a comfortable payment gateway.

Education apps have to provide different methods of online payment asking for only essential information. Secure payment gateways help consumers feel safe and it also increases the credibility of the education app.


3. Course creation & development

With the course creation feature, you will be able to streamline your education process.

You have to segregate the course based on various parameters. A good-designed course creation module will take the time, difficulty level, age, budget, certification, skills and other parameters into consideration while designing the course.

With this feature, you can easily upload videos and add study materials to the courses.

And yes, the most important e-learning app feature would be the upgrading of the course from free to paid or certified if the user wants to by accepting the fees.  


4. Interactive Content

The educational app for schools follows a pre-defined syllabus. But the catch is in making it more interactive and interesting. This can be done with the help of videos, charts, eBooks and images.

An educational app for toddlers will have more video and audio content when compared to a learning app for highschool students.

It is up to you to decide the content and how it has to be presented to make your educational app more interactive. Videos with the teacher explaining the topic give a virtual classroom feel to the students.


5. Search & Navigation

Search is one of the most important features of an education app for children. The search has to be based on the subject or by course name. You can provide filters based on price, course duration, and certification. Also, students can search for courses that are free and paid.


6. Live teacher sessions

The crux of any learning app for students is the live tutorials with interactive sessions. The live tutorials are usually done through third-party apps like Skype or Zoom. But when you have a customized learning app for children, you can include the live classroom feature with chat sessions so that the students benefit from it.


7. Mock Practice Test

Mock tests help students assess themselves about a particular subject or topic. Some of the best educational apps for students have mock tests at the end of each chapter to help students prepare well for the tests as well as help them in assessment before they reach the next chapter. Practice tests also prepare the students to take on the actual subject exams.


8. Skills and certification

The skills and certification feature helps edtech app to gain credibility and trust. Many of the students join certified courses so that they gain an added advantage. Skills and certification tracking feature can be used by the edtech apps to suggest courses for the students based on their skills and prior certifications.


9. Gamification

If you are wondering what the relationship between studies and games is, think over it again. With gaming apps getting the highest downloads, it makes sense that you include game-inspired studies in your e-learning app.

Games not only help the students understand the topic better but also increases user engagement and bring in more students to your course.

Tests at the end of each topic can take the form of quizzes or games to help students revise the subject better.    


10. Artificial intelligence

If you are thinking about the role of AI in edtech apps, imagine a video wherein a teacher is performing a chemistry experiment in a realistic scenario. It makes the students feel that they are standing inside the lab with the teacher performing the chemistry experiment in front of them. This is how AI is beneficial in e-learning.

Artificial intelligence that includes AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) is going to take online teaching to the next level in the days to come.


11. Live chats and forums

Forums help students to collaborate with other students and teachers to discuss assignments, courses and gather relevant information. Also, it helps teachers to know what challenges students face in a particular course. It also provides a powerful insight to better the available courses.


12. Support section

The Help/Support section that includes FAQs, live chat, contact number and email helps to provide easy solutions to user queries. The users can find answers to common issues through the FAQ section. For other queries, they can select the live chat, phone or email.  


13. Social engagement

To help the app succeed, integrate social media sharing tools on the app. The students will share links of interesting videos and images from the educational app on their social media accounts thus helping to get new users and increase the brand reach. Also, education apps can use social media tools to alert users of new course launches or offers.   


14. Push notifications

The push notification keeps the students updated about the latest information uploaded on the app. You can also send push notifications as a reminder or any other new updates.


15. Student information management system (SIMS)

The student information management system will have recorded student activities like attendance, tests taken, scores, queries, student information, fees paid and many others. Some of its functions are marked by the student and the remaining is updated by the e-learning app.

SIMS helps you in generating grade reports, real-time information tracking and keeping your system updated with the latest information.   


16. User-friendly dashboard

A part of the SIMS, any learning mobile app will have a simple yet interactive dashboard with easy login facility. The user can easily manage their profile through this. This section will also have user preferences to save their favorite videos and content. The students can track their course progress and check their scores and test results.  


17. Powerful database

All the information like study material in the form of videos, PDF, content is all stored in the database. The database is updated constantly and students must have quick access to it.

A good educational app for children will have a supportive and powerful database that will not hang when students access information from it.

Also, a cloud-based edtech software system has enhanced accessibility that makes data sharing easy and fast.  


18. Seamless integration

App integration to various third-party plugins should be smooth and seamless. The payment gateway integration, course flow, sign in, social media platform integration- all these have to be fast and secure with full data protection compliance. Also, whether it is the education app for Android or the edtech app for iPhone, it has to be responsive and mobile-friendly.  


19. Blogs & Reviews

Add blogs in your e-learning app on various topics and different aspects of online education to increase engagement. You can also add blogs written by students so that it helps to get more followers. A guest blog from a reputed educator helps in lending credibility to your app. 

Ratings and reviews for various courses and your edtech app helps others to decide which course they have to enroll and what its benefits are.  


e-Learning App Advantages

There are several benefits of an e-learning app. Even though the initial development costs might be high, the results will continue for a lifetime.

  1. The e-learning app is scalable and efficient.  Any course updates can be made by just uploading content to the server. Also, the content can be uploaded by the admin anytime from anywhere.   
  2. With an eLearning module, you can attract global students to your app. Students can log in at any time, from any place and learn at their own pace.
  3. Also, LMS (learning management system) provides users the capability to login from different devices. The LMS design functionality should be such that it can be accessed through mobiles even without being connected to the internet at all times.
  4. Given that the e-learning apps can be accessed from anywhere, students can fit them in their existing schedules. Also, the costs associated with classroom-based training is eliminated.  
  5. Using interactive videos with animation and special effects to explain more effectively and help children keep interested in subjects
  6. Live student-teacher doubt-solving sessions wherein tutors can use a whiteboard to help students understand the concept better.
  7. The content can be refreshed any number of times for the student until they get a grasp of the subject. Also, it allows for replays of live sessions for student learning.
  8. Customized learning schedule as per the student’s need.  
  9. Assignments allotted and solved at the end of each topic or chapter.
  10. Practice and revision sessions to help in kids subject assessment
  11. Quizzes and leader board to build up student engagement
  12. Customized tests based on student performance
  13. Individual feedback after monitoring the student progress
  14. Students report card in graphical form to help them and their parents and teachers to analyze it and improve on it.
  15. Separate parent app that contains details about their ward’s performance including graphical report card and scores with automated summaries of performance.
  16. Supporting multi-language preferences



Online learning platform development has to be a well-thought-out strategy. If you have ideas for good e-learning courses, consult the best mobile app development agency to help you in designing an edtech app module that will not only be unique and responsive but also be counted as the best educational app for students.  


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