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Blog date 03-07-2020
Category : Mobile Application

Does Your MLM Software Have These Features?

What is MLM software?

MLM business is all about earning through product sales and network marketing. Now, imagine the amount of manpower, resources, time and effort you need to maintain and manage this huge network and the payouts. The downline income calculation, the genealogy tree management, the product inventory & sales- all these and much more are to be taken care of accurately in the MLM business.

This is where the MLM software comes into the picture.

MLM software is a complete IT solution to simplify and manage all the tasks related to multi-level marketing.

The MLM software provides complete automation to manage the multi-level marketing business efficiently. It provides a holistic solution right from genealogy tree management, payout calculation, inventory management, sales records, and much more.

MLM software has many benefits. All-in-all, it is a tool that helps you to focus on your business and attain its goals.


Features in MLM software

Any MLM software both in web app form or mobile app form will have three main sections:

1. Front Panel

2. User Panel

3. Admin Panel

Let us look into the MLM software features in each of the sections.


MLM Software Features- Front Panel

This consists of the home page which will have a general layout of the MLM business, its products, and a bit of information about the company.

1. Registration/ Sign in

There will be a section for new member signup and registration including existing member login.

2. About MLM Plan

A page dedicated to the MLM business including the plan details will be shown.

3. Product Page

The products marketed by the company with the image and other details will be displayed on a separate page.

4. Gallery

A gallery with achievement photos and event photos helps get more customer engagement.

5. Legal Documents

A section is to be assigned to show the company registration form and other supporting legal documents.

6. About Us/ FAQ

There will be an About Us page & a FAQ page regarding the business and its products.

7. Terms & Conditions

A Terms & Conditions page will be dedicated to the rules of the MLM business for the members who are interested to join the network.

8. Contact Us

There will be a contact page or a grievance submission page for customers to submit queries regarding the business or products.


MLM Software Features- User Panel           

The member panel or the user dashboard is from where the individual MLM members or distributors can view and manage their profiles, sales, income, payouts and rewards. The dashboard will offer a general overview of the payouts, e-wallet, sales record, hierarchy and other important details. Each of these can be viewed in detail.    

1. Registration

The member panel will first have a new registration section wherein firstly, the sponsor ID and the e-pin code will have to be filled. Later the username and password generation is completed. The next step is filling the profile details including bank details.

2. Profile

The profile section gives details like name, address, contact number, sponsor ID, bank details including password change and logout facility.

3. New Member Sponsor

The other is the sponsor member section that will help the user to join new members or sponsors to their downline.

4. E-Wallet

The member panel will have an e-wallet section that will display the total amount in the user wallet. The incentives and payouts can be added to this wallet and in addition, the user can transfer money to the wallet for purchases.

5. Genealogy

The genealogy section is basically the tree view that will have the details of the downline and the direct members added under the user.

6. Purchase

The purchase section will display all the product purchase details like the purchase history, order tracking, payment made and so on.

7. Sales

The sales section will have details of sales history like the sales accomplished at each level or for a specified period and the sales target to be completed to get to the next higher level.

8. Payout

The payout section will have a lot of parameters based on the MLM plan structure like incentives, rewards, downline income generated through sales, income through recruiting and so on. The user has an option to transfer this earned amount to the e-wallet.

9. E-Pin

The e-pin generation section will have the e-pin generation for various processes like new member registration, purchase, package upgrades, payment transfer to the e-wallet and many more. This makes the transactions secure and manageable.

10. Team

The team section will have complete details of the MLM business team including the managers and leaders to whom the user has to report.

11. Levels

The level section will have details of the level completed and the target needed for the next level completion. It will also give details about the rewards to be achieved for level completion.  

12. Rewards

The reward report section will have details of the payout generated through incentives and bonuses. The user can view it for a specified month or year.

13. Upgrade Plan

The upgrade section will enable a user to upgrade the account to a higher package through the e-pin code. This section will also have the previous upgrade report including the amount, date and year.

14. Withdrawal

The withdrawal section allows the user to put a payout withdrawal request. Once a withdrawal request is initiated, the tax deductions are calculated and the remaining amount is deposited in the specified bank account. This section will also have previous withdrawal history.

15. Query

The query or the support section will help the user to generate a query regarding the MLM payout, genealogy, downline, purchase or anything. A query ticket will be generated and the user can view its latest updates here. Also, the previous query statements can be viewed here.


MLM Software Features- Admin Panel

The admin panel will have the profile management just as the user panel. Apart from this, everything else is different in the admin panel. The admin dashboard will open to display the profits, sales, revenue, members, statistics and so on.

1. Login

The entry into the admin panel is through a secure login.

2. Profile Management

The profile management will include name, contact details, password change and logout facilities.

3. Plan Management

The plan/package section is where the admin can view all the existing plans and edit or add new plans if needed.

4. Genealogy

The genealogy section will have the downline list with members and their IDs.

5. Members

The member profile section will have details of all the registered members with a search member/ID facility and any modification is possible from here. Also, the KYC of new members can be reviewed and accepted from here. The individual member status with details like join date, downline, ID and achievement can be viewed is also provided.

6. Products

The product section is from where the admin does the inventory management and gets to access the sales records. Any product can be added or edited from this section.  

7. Withdrawal

In the withdrawal request section, the payout withdrawal requests from members are displayed for the admin’s approval.

8. E-Wallet

In the e-wallet section, the admin gets to view all the transactions made in the e-wallets of the members.

9. Payments

The payment section allows the admin to transfer the payout amount to all the member e-wallets or directly to their bank account. The tax calculation and records can be fetched from here.  

10. Support Query

The query/support ticket section will have the member queries to be resolved.

11. Feedback

The feedback section contains the posts received from the Contact Us main web page.

12. Banners/Popup

The admin can make changes in the home page like uploading banners, adding FAQs or editing the address. The admin can also set up the popup box so that the users get to see it at the time of login.

13. SMS/Email

Another important feature is the SMS and email integration wherein the admin can configure SMS and emails to be sent to members or other clients.

14. Tree Pairing

The admin section also contains the MLM structure like levels, tree, pairing, hierarchy and much more.

15. Payouts & Commission

The main part is the commission & payouts that have the income generation details of all the members. The payout closing will be displayed either daily, weekly or monthly as per the plan.   

16. Statistics

The statistics page will display various statistics like new members joined, sales, profits, revenue for a specified period. The page can be designed to display statistics in the form of pie charts, bar graphs or tables as per the requirement. The level-wise report can also be generated.


Where to buy MLM software?

The important question when you plan to start MLM business would be “Where to get MLM software?” There are many MLM software providers, but get it designed from an expert MLM software provider. They easily customize the software as per your business needs and incorporate the latest unique features that will help in boosting your MLM business.  


The MLM software features depend to a large extent on the MLM type. If you are planning to start MLM business, would you settle for a cheap MLM software or the one that may cost a little more but offers all the latest features that will help in your MLM business management?

We would advise you to include the latest features in the MLM software so that it helps in easy MLM business management. After all, a good design MLM software is better than one that needs constant upgrades. 


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Blog date 29-06-2020
Category : Web Application

Are You Aware Of These MLM Software Benefits?

Planning to start an MLM business? Great! This is a good business that has the least investment and highest profit.  

Once you prepare a checklist of all the necessary things needed to start an MLM business, see to it that an MLM software is at the top of the list. Why?

There are so many benefits of incorporating MLM software in your business. If you want online growth as well as increased sales, get your MLM software designed from an efficient IT company.   

Benefits of MLM software


1. Cost-efficient

With effective MLM software, you can cut down on your business management costs by at least about 50%. The MLM software provides value-addition by calculating referral income from the downline and sales income thus making income calculation easy and error-free.


2. Secure Software

With secure MLM software, the admin can control its access thus maintaining its data confidentiality. An MLM business has multi-level partners like stakeholders, associates, salespersons, etc. With MLM software, it is easy to limit accessibility as per the roles thus keeping the data safe and secure without any misuse.   


3. Resource Management

With good MLM software, you automate most of your business processes. From tracking incomes to managing inventory, all are automatically taken care of. This helps companies for the effective utilization of their resources.


4. Scalability

An MLM structure means that there is unlimited scope for growth. It is the same with the MLM software. This can be scaled as and when your business grows thus making the process simple and easy to manage. As the business grows from small scale to big scale, the data volume and processing can be accommodated by the MLM software.   


5. Flexibility

MLM software can be designed to provide flexible solutions. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Even though the core remains the same, the software can be customized as per the business needs. Also, MLM software comes with various plugins and interfaces that help in easy integration with third-party tools.    


6. Easy Data Processing

The data forms the crux of any MLM business. There is a lot of data storage and processing to be done as and when the MLM structure grows. With MLM software, this data management becomes smooth and easy in addition to being error-free.


7. Feature-loaded User-friendly App

With MLMs selling products, the e-commerce mobile app or web app becomes easy to get connected with their agents and networks. With the e-store and the payment integration features, the feature-loaded app proves to be user-friendly to its customers.


8. Easy Updates

If designed by an excellent software service provider, the MLM software can be easily updated to accommodate any changes in the future thus giving it scope to be in tandem with the latest technological advancements.


9. Effective Networking

Using the right plugins and integration tools, the MLM software can be used to manage communication in the network so that coordination challenges are easily addressed. Also, with real-time data available 24*7, any decisions can be quickly communicated across the network.  


10. Transparent Dealings

With MLM software, businesses are assured of transparency in incomes and sales. The admin gets a true view of the downline sales in spite of it being accessible to the other stakeholders and managers.


11. Quick Decision-making

With easy access to data and communication within the network, decision making becomes fast and seamless. The MLM software also helps businesses to make better strategies and have an edge over the competitors.


12. Secure Payments

With an MLM app, safe and secure third-party payment integration is possible. This helps businesses to manage the financial transaction of the MLM members and easily calculate the downline income or the sale income.


13. Real-time Data

Businesses have real-time data available on their hands with the MLM software. Any entries or sales are reflected in the software immediately thus helping managers to take quick decisions for the betterment of the company.    


14. Recruitment and Training Modules

Recruitment forms the core of an MLM business growth. With MLM software, it is easy to recruit and register new candidates online. Also, training modules and certification for the recruits can be incorporated in MLM software effectively.    


15. Lead Generation

Awareness and branding are important for an MLM business to attain increased sales and growth. With the social sharing of the MLM website/mobile link outside the network, it is possible to attract increased visitors thus giving the MLM businesses a chance to convert them into potential customers.  



Your MLM business success depends to a large extent on effective management. To make it simpler and easier, get the MLM software designed from experts. Even though income and sales calculation is an integral part of MLM software, other features in it that make it a complete package in itself.

Be wise when you invest in MLM software. Get it right in the beginning itself so that your business integration is smooth and seamless.     

Are you planning to start an MLM business? If yes, come to us. We will help you design cost-effective MLM software that will help you succeed in your business.    

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Blog date 26-06-2020
Category : Mobile Application

How To Earn Money From Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are best to improve accessibility for businesses. Given the mobile trends, gaming apps are popular and downloaded the most followed by social media apps. If you are thinking of creating a business mobile app or a gaming app, a question that will pop in your mind is- how to earn money from phone? Of course, you will sell your products or services if it is an e-commerce mobile app or your business app. But, other than that, there are various methods to monetize your mobile app.


How to earn money through mobile apps?

earn money from mobile

Source: www.appannie.com/en/insights/market-data/state-of-mobile-2020-infographic/


Have a look at this chart and you will know that the hours spent on social media apps, gaming, shopping, entertainment on the mobile have all increased manifold. It is the right time for you to invest in designing a mobile app and monetizing it. It may be a gaming app, e-commerce app or just an entertainment mobile app, you can earn money through it.

Let us see how to make money through a mobile app. 


The users have to pay for mobile app downloads. This works when the mobile app has a strong value-proposition and is popular.  

If you plan not to charge for downloads, do not worry. There are many other ways to earn money from mobile.


How to earn money from free apps?

2. Advertisements or Referral Marketing

Embedded ads in your mobile app help in generating payments through clicks, display or installation. The ads can be imposed in your mobile app screens in different forms like banners, in-stream video or native ads.


3. In-app purchases

The in-app purchase is popular in gaming apps. It may be in different forms like the purchase of ad-blocking, unlocking of additional features, digital currencies, points, and so on. Here, an important point is that the transactions are done by the app store. The owner gets a certain percentage as agreed upon.


4. Subscription Model

This gels well with content apps like audio, video, and newspaper apps. Here, materials are to be provided continuously so that the users subscribe either for monthly or annual fees or as per the subscription model offers.


5. Sponsorship Model

If your mobile app is having a steady business, consider contacting sponsors wherein you can try to fit something of their product or service inside your app through ads, information, or app design adaptation.


6. App Merchandise

Here e-commerce giants like Amazon allow app owners to sell their products within the apps. It offers a merchandising tool that helps owners to list items on their apps and earn a profit from the sales encountered.


7. Data Sales

The collected user information and the analysis report can be sold to other companies who need it. The relevant data will fetch a good price depending on the demand.  



How much money can be made through mobile apps depends on the strategy and the success of your mobile app. Even though most money is earned by gaming apps, there are many instances when successful business apps have even earned money through business strategies. 

Do you intend to make money from mobile apps? Get in touch with us and we will design the best mobile app so that you can start earning from it. 


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Blog date 25-06-2020
Category : Web Application

Rules Of Microinteractions In A Website Design

Microinteractions are contained inside every feature, website or app. But we never notice them because they gel so well with the environment. They are meant to be like that. The likes, the emojis, muting a device, rating an app- these are microinteractions that elevate the user experience.   


What are UI microinteractions?

Microinteractions are the small user interactivities taking place on the website or applications that greatly improve the user experience. Sometimes, these are barely noticeable. But, it definitely takes the user interactivity to the next level. The Facebook LIKE, the preloader icon interaction, or the ON toggle switch- all these are fine examples of microinteractions. 

The four parts/components in a microinteraction are:

1. Trigger

 This is to start the microinteraction. This can be initiated by the user or the system itself.

2. Rule

 This is used to determine what happens when a microinteraction is started.

3. Feedback

 This is the part where the user gets to know the result of the microinteraction through visual, vibration or audio or combination of them.

4. Loops and Modes

 This determines the rules for the microinteractions when the conditions change or not.    


Interested in microinteractions?

Let us see the basic rules you need to follow when designing the microinteractions.


Rules For Microintercation Design 


1. Microinteraction Usage Limits-

web designing- microinteraction

Do not go overboard trying to fit the microinteractions everywhere on the application. Keep it less and simple. Like in a Hangout chat, 3 dots keep moving when someone is typing. On Facebook, you even get the message ‘a friend is writing a comment’ if that function occurs when you wish to comment on a post.


2. Microinteraction Function- 

web designing- microinteraction

A microinteraction has to be strictly used for a functional purpose. In almost every e-commerce website, if you add an item to your cart, the cart icon on top gets overlapped with the number ‘1’ meaning that one item has been added to your cart. This is a fine example of functional microinteraction where the buyer is informed of the count of items in the cart through it.


3. Microinteraction Intent-

web designing-microinteraction

A microinteraction has to entertain the user and not irritate or distract them. The user should not get puzzled and think about what that microinteraction was for. It has to bring a smile on the user every time he visits the page. Like in Facebook wherein balloons and confetti get released when you comment ‘Congratulations’ on any post.


4. Microinteraction Designing-

web designing-microinteraction

It has to seamlessly merge with the page elements. The design and style have to support your product and its perception. The toggle for a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is a good example of this. The toggle goes green if it is a ‘Yes’. This type of microinteraction fits into any page design.


5. Microinteraction Merging-

web designing-microinteraction

Fit in the microinteraction in the existing parts of your app or website. Do not make changes on the page just to introduce the microinteraction. A fine example is fitting a microinteraction when your screen is getting loaded. An innovative yet simple minimalistic preloader microinteraction can replace the boring hourglass or spinner design.    


6. Microinteraction Engagement-

web designing-microinteraction

Use human emotions in microinteractions to get engagement. Take, for instance, various emojis that have attained a cult status in online messaging. Facebook and Instagram ‘Like’ is also a fine example of microinteraction that pleases the user.  


7. Microinteraction Usage-

web designing-microinteraction

Insert microinteractions when it could benefit the users. The best example here is when your password text box transitions from red to green as you keep typing a strong acceptable password.


8. Microinteraction Norms-

web designing-microinteraction

Do not try to play with the norm when you insert microinteractions. Do not confuse the viewer. Like if the green color is associated with a YES and red with a NO, do not reverse the normal color when using it in a microinteraction. It will deviate the viewers from the function of the microinteraction and this is something that you do not want on your website.   



Microinteractions are meant to elevate the user experience and take it to another level. It helps you to engage your potential customers in a subtle yet interesting way. 

So, do you want your website to have some interesting microinteractions?

Consult us to build your website and include microinteractions that generate user interest. 


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Blog date 24-06-2020
Category : Products

10 Best Places to Visit in Surat

Are you planning a trip to Surat, the city of diamonds and textiles?

Well, we will give you plans to explore Surat. In this blog, we list to you the best visiting places in Surat.  

Textile City, Diamond City- Surat in Gujarat is known by many names. For sure, it has lived up to this reputation. From amazing visiting places to drooling dishes, Surat was a prosperous city right from the medieval times. It was the most sought-after shipping port of the invaders once. Surat has retained its charm thanks to the overdose of friendliness and warmth of its residents. The old Surat city architecture has influences from the Mughals, Marathas, British, and the Portuguese including the Parsis.

If you plan to explore Surat, do it at leisure. The port city has much to offer. Your visit to Surat is incomplete without shopping for sarees and diamonds. You will find textile shops and jewelry shops in plenty. Apart from that, Surat has the best places to visit. Let us get to the best places to visit in Surat one-by-one and let you experience the warmth and vibrancy of the city.


10 Best Places To Visit In Surat:


1. Amaazia Water Park

One of the best water parks in India, Amaazia has adventurous rides, live music, thrilling water slides, rain mist, and relaxing food & coffee.  

top 10 places to visit in Surat

Source: https://www.deshgujarat.com/2016/12/15/rajgreen-groups-amaazia-water-park-opens-in-surat/


2. Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium

Situated in Pal, Adajan, this aquarium is home to more than 100 species of fishes. It has two sections- marine and freshwater. Sharks roam freely in the vast shark tank. One of the best places to visit in Surat, this aquarium is a fun place for people of all ages.

top 10 places to visit in Surat

Source: https://surat.nic.in/tourist-place/jagdish-chandra-bose-aquarium/


3. Sarthana National Park

Easily accessible by public transport, the Sarthana Zoo is home to large species of birds and animals. This zoo has tigers, leopards, rhino, bears, and lions. It has a large collection of birds too. If your kids are interested in wildlife and nature, be sure to include this zoo in the best places to visit in Surat. 

top 10 places to visit in Surat

Source: https://www.suratmunicipal.gov.in/Services/NatureParkHome


4. Dumas Beach

How can your visit to Surat be complete without an early morning or a late evening stroll on the Dumas beach? Go early in the morning here. Savor the delicious hot fried tomato fritters with a hot cup of tea. Popular as a picnic spot among the locals, Dumas Beach is the favorite place to gaze at the setting sun too.

top 10 places to visit in Surat

Source: https://trell.co/tale/dumas-beach-kishan-patel-d2433d9cf43


5. Surat Castle

Also known as Surat Fort, this is an ancient 16th-century monument that has undergone a complete transition after renovation and maintenance from the Surat Municipal Corporation. If you love history and architecture, include this in the explore Surat list. 

top 10 places to visit in Surat

Source: https://www.suratmunicipal.gov.in/Services/SuratFortHome


6. Science Center

The Science Center in Surat houses a planetarium, a museum, diamond gallery, art gallery, and a fun science center where children can learn about any topic the fun way. The art gallery serves as a platform for budding artists to showcase their undiscovered talents. Workshops related to education and art are a common feature here in the open amphitheater, more so on the weekends. So how about adding this to the list of best places to visit in Surat?  

top 10 places to visit in Surat

Source: https://www.hcp.co.in/project/smc-science-centre


7. Gopi Talav

This ancient artificial lake has now become one of the prime recreational spots in Surat. A complete amusement park, the surrounding area of the lake hosts thrilling rides and houses umpteen food stalls that will surely add fun to your evening. Relax here after a full-day shopping. One of the famous places in Surat, do not miss visiting Gopi Talav.     

top 10 places to visit in Surat- Gopi Talav

Source: http://aanganarchitects.org/portfolio/gopi-talao/


8. Tapi Riverfront

The lifeline of Surat, Tapi is the main river that provides elixir in the form of water to the Surat residents. Enjoy a serene evening in the promenade lined with stalls and rest areas and you are sure to come back here every evening. 

top 10 places to visit in Surat-Tapi riverfront

Source: https://360eye.in/gallery/touristplaces/virtualtour/info/tapiriverfrontsurat


9. Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

This is a perfect place for a fun-packed evening with kids and family. Toy trains, fun rides, and helium balloons complete your family outing making it a memorable experience. 

top 10 places to visit in Surat- Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

Source: https://www.cityflowers.co.in/blog/sneh-rashmi-botanical-garden-surat-the-sunny-side-of-surat/


10.   Ambika Niketan Temple

This temple dedicated to Goddess Amba is situated right on the banks of river Tapi. Considered as one of the most popular temples in Surat, faith, peace, and prayers go hand-in-hand here. If you have come to strike a business deal, make sure you seek divine blessings here. Well then doesn't it count in the best places to visit in Surat? 

top 10 places to visit in Gujarat- Ambika Niketan temple

Source: http://www.ambikaniketan.org/



Enjoyed reading about the best places to visit in Surat? But, there are many other interesting famous places to visit based on your interests and likes. Of course, shopping is a must when you visit Surat

Which of these 10 top places in Surat did you like the most? 

If you want to design a travel-related website or a travel blog website, contact us so that we can help. 


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Blog date 23-06-2020
Category : Mobile Application

An Android App or iOS Mobile App? Confused...

Android mobile app or an iOS mobile app? 

Are you confused about what you want? If you have decided to put your business on the mobile or you have a solid strategy for a mobile game or an e-commerce app, be prepared to get the right start. When you decide to have a mobile app, you have two points in mind-

1. Maximum users have to download your app

2. Users should use your app more often.

When we think of the basic criterion of the success of a mobile app, it is the ‘amount of downloads of your app’. Herein begins the research for creating your mobile app.


When you want to create a mobile app, ask yourself some questions-

1. What is the location of your intended target audience?

2. How frequently are you ready to update it?

3. What kind of user experience does your mobile app need to deliver?

4. How much money are you ready to invest in your mobile app?

The answers to these questions will help you to sort out your queries regarding choosing an iOS mobile app or an Android mobile app.


Stats about Android Mobile Vs iOS Mobile Usage:

Android mobile app or iOS mobile app

Source: https://deviceatlas.com/blog/android-v-ios-market-share


  1. The above chart shows that an iOS app is more effective when your target audience is based in North America, UK, or Australia. Android mobile app is best for Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa.
  2. An iOS mobile app is better when you want to target the educated, corporate class with high disposable income.
  3. A majority of the population uses Android. The Android mobile users mostly download apps that are free and contain in-app purchases.


Android mobile app or iOS mobile app

Source: https://www.appannie.com/en/insights/market-data/state-of-mobile-2020-infographic/


  1. As per the above statistics, iOS users are more willing to shell out money on paid apps whereas Android users prefer free mobile apps.  
  2. If you intend to make money through app purchases, it is better to go with an iOS mobile app. 
  3. When it comes to mobile app development costs, iOS mobile app development costs you more money. An Android app is cheaper or at par with hybrid mobile app development.
  4. iOS follows stringent guidelines for mobile app approval. On the other hand, Android is easy with a simple wizard and you are done with the mobile app upload and approval. 



Go in for an iOS mobile app, if and only if, you are willing to provide value to the users that justify their investment in it. If you want more downloads and plan to make money through in-app purchases and ads, an Android mobile app should suffice. 

So what are your plans for your business? An Android mobile app or an iOS app? We will help you with it


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